A Flick of the Wrist

I’ve worked hard to get my WIP going. I wanted to make sure I had at least ONE finished project by the end of the year. With the start I’ve given myself on this one, I’d say we’re well on our way to that goal.

Thank you to my beta readers. You guys can’t know how much you’re helping me with things, keeping my authorial eye on target as we move forward. I know where the story is going – more or less – but sometimes the freedom to create can be overwhelming. I’m lovin’ my new software package Power Writer because it allows me to embed notes AND to have them aside on the document. When I export them as RTF files, the notes don’t come with. I’ve made a bunch of notations already, making sure I know where each scene is headed and trying to plan out what it does in the overall story.

I’m also back to my keyboard woes again. This past week, I developed a strange, annoying and slightly disconcerting twitch in my thumb. Just a simple fasciculation, nothing more. But as I am wont to do, I panicked. It was the onset of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis! Or Parkinsons! Or Huntingtons, or one of a hundred other horrible neuro-muscular degenerative diseases for which there is no cure!

As it turns out, it’s just a keyboard problem. At least at home. At work, I may still have the problem. The angle of my wrist, as held by the new and wonderful ergonomic keyboard I use, coupled with resting my elbows on the surface of my desk, combined to cause me to put pressure on a nerve in such a way as I’ve not done before. Over time, apparently, this caused my muscles to fire involuntarily. Removing the ergo keyboard and going back to my flat standard one seems to have solved the problem. But…this sucks. I don’t want just any ol’ keyboard.

I want a keyboard that has enough room for my fat fingers to hit the keys, isn’t ugly as all get-out and doesn’t cost a fortune. I guess I’ll be out of luck on most of those accounts. I’ve discovered the nice, bulky, ergonomic keyboard I used and loved so dearly these past several weeks is causing me problems in my forearms and hands. (WT…?) So back to the standard, flat keyboard I go. I want one which doesn’t feel terrible, isn’t too loud and doesn’t make me fat-finger every letter because the keys are too close together. I know I’ll be thin someday, but for now, I’m still a tub-o’-lard, and need the space between keys to accommodate my finger girth.

I went to OfficeMax and looked there. They’re selection sorta stunk, frankly. But so does Best Buy’s, and TigerDirect has a ton of keyboards at a good price but they’re all ones I’ve tried before and didn’t like. Or they’re the ergonomic one I’ve spent a sh*tload of money on and can’t use now. (Which really hurts.) So I’m back to searching for the ideal keyboard. If you have a non-ergonomic suggestion, please let me know. I’m out of ideas here.

I’m not too fussy either. I just want a keyboard which good front-to-back depth, a nice width which allows for full-sized keys and placement, a quiet-touch key design, and any special keys you got like those which can be programmed to launch applications like Word, the Internet browser, a media player, or whatever. And those volume control and play/pause buttons are nice too. OH, and I don’t want it to cost more than say $80. Any suggestions? Hm? Hmmm?


Nevertheless, despite going from the magnificence of my ergo- to the standard keyboard (which really isn’t; I’m using the Microsoft Comfort Curve 5000, which is still sort of ergonomic though not humpbacked like my Ergonomic 4000 is), I still managed to add a bunch of words to my WIP. I’m finding having a purpose for my writing is helping. Having access to Internet distractions like Facebook and such, not so much.

How was your long weekend? Did you even have one? If so what’d you do?


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3 thoughts on “A Flick of the Wrist

  1. What about those headphones where you speak and it writes for you? Don’t know if it can work but why not experiment?

    Welcome! Well, for one thing, I’ve never been able to speak as well as I write. I think my writing would suffer if I did that, and I’m NOT interested in doing it by hand to read into the computer. Ick! But, you’re right — experimentation is the key. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. To be honest, it seems like the ergonomic keyboards aren’t as helpful as they’re supposed to be. Which is weird. Guess I’ll think twice before buying a spiffy keyboard.

    Well, it did help. Honestly. Having your hands so far apart when typing, I found, helped me eliminate typos. You really can’t cheat and look down at the keys. With my hands closer together, I misjudge the keys sometimes, and I think it just slows me down. The main problem — outside my twitching thumb, of course — was the space bar. But I found other ergs which had a split space bar. The one from Adesso seemed likely and had a built in touch pad. Which I hate. But users say one it’s gotten used to you have a hard time switching back and the speed can’t be beat. *Shrugs* Maybe I’ll have one of those later.

    As for me, I just played Assassin’s Creed II all weekend. You know, being a couch potato and never seeing sunlight. Good fun. And today my husband and I are just relaxing. It’s his day off (now that he finally has a job =D). I’m getting some writing done myself — finally. Life is good.

    It certainly can be. I just went out and blew about $1800. You don’t get to do that everyday. At least, not at MY income level. 🙂

  3. I get pain from my ergo keyboard when I have it up on the desk. Are you using a keyboard drawer? Actually, I had some neck, arm, and wrist pain issues when I worked in IT from a poor desk setup. I was amazed at the relief I experienced with a downward slanting keyboard drawer and some other minor changes. Does the company you work for have a risk assessment group that can send out someone for ergo adjustments? It might not be the keyboard.

    Thanks, Jaymie. It’s not the keyboard, just as it is. It’s the keyboard and the elbows on the desk, I’m almost sure. The wrists are in a different position, and it’s just enough. Just. When I replaced the ergo keyboard at home with my regular Comfort Curve, the twitching stopped altogether. Today at work I swapped my erg for a flattie and guess what? No twitches. 😦 I’ll try going back to my erg at home later to see if I have the same issues arise, but at this point I’m staring down the barrel of really missing my ergs until I get a desk with a keyboard slide, or just trying to find a good, hefty flat keyboard.

    The problem I’m having is, the erg held my hands nice and far apart, and the keys were just a touch bigger and better placed for me, so my hands could relax. With a regular keyboard, it feels like my hands are on top of each other when I type. So I need a slightly oversized one but the ones I’ve seen with one inch keys are HORRIBLE. So forget it. 😥 Oh well. I’ll manage. I’d rather use the Comfort Curve than have the annoying twitches. 🙂

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