Friday Round-Robin

I’m not sure exactly what a round robin is, but let’s use that expression to talk about several things in a single post without resorting to the word “miscellany” or “miscellaneous”, all right?

That being said, let’s go.

The New Book

So, I’m still plugging away at my new book, as best I can. It’s harder when the non-fiction project rears its ugly head, but it’s doing so for the last time before I finish with it. I have the corrections/issues (which are called “queries”, interestingly — I wonder what would happen if I sent back a rejection to them for a change?) from the lead editor on the project, and then that should do it. I’d be done with that one.

But the new book is getting some positive feedback from most of you. A few are giving more in-depth or copy-edit style critiques, but for the most part what I’m hearing is the book is an interesting idea and many of you would like to continue reading. Please let me know if I’ve misunderstood, beta readers — I’m not trying to put words in your fingers and I’m not being dismissive. I’m just trying to get an overall sense for where I am as a writer after not doing anything particularly serious for more than a year.

So thank you to all the wonderful beta readers who are taking time from your busy lives to read my work and provide thoughtful insights and feedback. Not to be rude or seem ungrateful, but I’m sure you know I won’t be implementing all the changes you’ve suggested. Some I will, however, including adding to the fog scene to do a couple of things (like stretch the tension, reveal the world and add something to the main character), and trimming the chatter the main character gives. It seems it’s too stark a shift from the silent stoicism of the opening. Oh, I’ll also add a thing or two about the reasons he’s so edgy and why his reception at Gray Gulch wasn’t what he expected.

Other than that, I have a couple of wording questions but when no two people say the same thing is hard to follow, it’s tough to make that change. Some find it just fine, perfectly worded, others didn’t care for it. But I’ll see if I can find that happy medium.

If anyone is interested in receiving chapters 3 and 4 (which I might just send together since I’m already done with three and next week will see longer working days on my day job), please let me know via email (not the comments, I can’t track those as easily). If that’s asking too much of your precious and valuable time, please know I understand and will accommodate you as best I can (if you’d like).

Another New Book

I’ve also got another book percolating in the background. It’s a different story, horror-based but not true horror (and little gore — only as necessary for the story), but I’ve given myself a couple of challenges. The story starts in third person perspective then shifts to a first-person narrative, then jumps to a different first-person narrator as the time shifts. When it comes back to the present, it will go back to the original narrator until we wrap up that portion of the story, and perhaps (haven’t decided yet whether it will or even if it CAN) return to the third-person POV. So, there’s a lot going on. And as usual, I’ll be looking for beta readers for that one too. But I haven’t even reached the first major milestone yet in my current WIP, so it will be a bit before I’m bored or frustrated enough to return to the other one. (Yikes, that makes no sense.)

The Roundhouse of Writing

I’m going to jump off a literary cliff here and keep several WsIP going at the same time. I’m also going to try each one in a different software package to see what I like best, though I’m pretty well settled on Power Writer as my primary tool of choice. But I also own Write Way, and it’s nifty too, in similar ways to PW, though it lacks the plot point capability. But Scrivener, which is supposed to be ready for Windows this year, makes a strong case too. Ultimately, I’ll use PW because I paid the most for it, and I’m not thrilled with the word processor in Scrivener, but I do like the notecard layout it has.

Anyway, the other WIP I want to revisit at some point is the one I started earlier this year, a classic ghost story. And I think I want to have my trio of paranormal investigators up to speed too. I don’t know why, but love those goofy characters and hope the stories I’ve started for them are salvageable. My wife thinks I’m ruining them by over-editing or re-writing, but I disagree. With just a few tweaks of the story structure in the first book, it’s ready to go. With a few major cuts in the second, it may be too. And that would be a good thing — a series.

But I have to have time to write, and right now (write now?), that’s a scarce commodity.

The Day Job

For any wondering and caring, the day job is going pretty well. I got a decent review about a month ago — very decent, in fact — and even got a raise. Not a bank-breaking one, but still. I was honored. And with the new fiscal year, my goals were adjusted slightly and I have new challenges. One of them is stepping up my game in the confidence arena.

Which, of course, scares me. What doesn’t?

Home Life

My beautiful wife and I bought a new bed. Thank God! We’ve been “making do” with one we got seven years ago because we could afford it, and because it was much better than our camping-style air mattress of the time. But in short order, it became a liability rather than an asset. We’ve just never had the financial freedom to drop so much at one time on a single purchase. But now, things are better for us and the Lord’s blessings FLOW. So we can do it, and while we were at it, we bought one for the MiniNess too. So all of us have brand spanking new beds now.

And my back still hurts this morning, so it may not be the bed. But at least LOML will be free of her back pain, and that’s worth any price to me.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and I’ll see ya next week!


Copyright DarcKnyt 2011, all rights reserved


4 thoughts on “Friday Round-Robin

  1. Yay for the raise!! How wonderful!

    Thanks! It was a pleasant surprise!

    I’m happy you’re spending so much time writing, and thinking about writing, your own stuff. It’s great that you can spend time doing what you like to do most.

    It’s been fun, but I feel like I don’t have enough time for it in the evenings. I need to cut some time thieves and see what I find. πŸ™‚

    We, too, recently got a new bed. Amazing how much difference it can make.

    I’m hoping but not encouraged by my back’s attitude today. 😦 I did, however, sleep VERY well. πŸ™‚

  2. Discussions of you and the wife getting a new bed reminds me of that Far Side panel where the explorers find the fabled “elephant mating grounds.”

    Gosh, I can’t for the life of me imagine why you’re still single.

  3. Congratulations on the new bed! Give your back some time to adjust to the change. It might take a few weeks before your body can adapt and really appreciate the new mattress.

    Well, I’ve already noticed the difference in my sleep. Hopefully the change will reach my back sooner rather than later. Thanks, Spark!

  4. Mmmmm new bed πŸ™‚ We bought a bed 5 years ago, and what a difference it made. I sold my old one with plans of moving out west, and Matt’s was… oh it was old. It was an old 3/4, and it had a wicked sag.

    Ours was a swayback too, and I couldn’t get it out of here fast enough.

    Congrats! πŸ™‚ That’s great stuff, makes for a much better nights sleep, too.

    So far so good, though today I woke up with sore ribs along my back. O_o

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