Long, Brutal Day

I’ve had a long, brutal day.

I can’t begin to tell you how trying this is. The network lost a switch last Wednesday. Our network admin/desktop support guy put in an old one we had lying around, but some of the ports are buggy or dead. We had an 80-port switch and almost all of them were used up. So now we’re struggling to keep everyone and everything connected.

As I may have lamented last week, this means the nightly jobs which are scheduled to run every night… aren’t. So now, I have a bunch of jobs which aren’t executing every night, even though they had no issues before Wednesday. So when I come in every morning, it seems, I have to re-populate the databases with data which didn’t get loaded. Fun, n’est-ce pas? Non.

But Friday, our network admin/DTS guy seemed to have the problem solved.

I’ve done the best I can to keep these things going but I also have been charged with making an ASP (that’s Active Server Page, for those who aren’t in the IT industry) update, and that’s…challenging. I’m not a programmer, though I wanted to be at one time. I struggled through all day Saturday. I mean it. I took off for my office about 11:30AM and picked up something I needed. I got back around 1:15 or 1:30PM. Then I got to work. I worked for three solid hours mashing code, testing, troubleshooting, re-testing, inching my way through. I took a break, hit it again for another three hours and finally broke for dinner. When I finished eating I hit it one more time for another three hours and called it a day around midnight on that.

I got up the next morning to address any loose ends and get started on another piece of that coding project when I discovered, to my horror, I couldn’t reach the databases. The network issue came back with a vengeance and left me screaming, frothing, batting my arms like a flightless bird and swearing. In the end all I could do is send an email to my network guy and let him know what happened. He’d have to help us on Monday.

Which he did…eventually. He seems to have it worked out now, but that’s not guaranteed. By the time you read this, most likely, I’ll know whether or not my life continues in hell or whether I’m able to move on and finish my code project. Meantime, this week is also a Conference Room Pilot for our new order management system. That means I’m away from my office supposedly helping the deployment team. More fun, right? Non.

So, if you’re the prayin’ type, I can use all you got. I really can. I’m overwhelmed right now and floundering. But I’m close to overcoming the last hurdle and then I’ll be…well. I don’t know, but it’s got to be better than what I am right now. Right?



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4 thoughts on “Long, Brutal Day

  1. My younger step-daughter recently got her first IT job. She’s self-taught, so some days the learning curve is steep. She’s had weeks like yours.

    My heart goes out to her. Poor thing. I hope she rebounds more quickly than I do. At my age I almost resent this. 😀

    I always admired our building techs when I was teaching. All former teachers who just stepped in and learned it. No small feat.

    No, self-taught IT people are impressive. Especially when they’re good at it. Me, not so much. 🙂

    Hats off to you, my friend, and a wish for more tranquil days.

    Thank you, Annie. All my warm wishes to you too.

  2. Hope things get better for you! I would hate to deal with that kind of stuff. Technical things and me do not mix well.

    It has gotten better, thanks hon. I wish I could say it’s good, but right now things are just…ugh. 🙂

  3. I hope everything eventually was sorted out at work 😦 Sounds like a royal pain.

    It is. It was. But it’s probably straightened out now, since we have our new switch and it was installed yesterday. 🙂

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