Weekend Blahs

blahI added more than 2100 words to my WIP this weekend. It would have been more but we had a lot of running around to do on Saturday. Which meant my sleeping in until noon wasn’t a great idea. On Friday night I chose to simply veg. So by Sunday I was ready to get to work.

Except… I might be coming down with something. It started as a tickle in my throat which isn’t anymore. So as I write this I’m going to call it a night and go read in bed until bedtime. But by the time you read this I’ll know whether it’s just allergies (which have been pretty bad this season), or if it’s my first cold since late December.

I’m not too worried. Believe it or not, I’m not too worried. I have things to do at work of course but that never stops, never rests, never slows down. So I have to plod on. Last December I couldn’t miss work because of being the only management team member in the building for our business group. Right now that’s not the case, and I toughed it out then, I can tough it out now.

I have a pretty aggressive writing goal, though. I figure if I add about 750 words a day to my WIP, I’ll do about 3750 a week in a five-day run. That’s IF I write every day for 750 words. And then, on weekends, doing about 3K isn’t that big a problem. Matter of fact, like I said, I did about 2100 without much effort. And that came on the heels of a software crash which took another large block of words with it to the ether forever. Yep, that program I’ve been crowing about so hard – Power Writer – puked and took out a big chunk of words for me. Why, I still don’t know. But it’s another lesson learned…CTRL+S is your friend. Use it!

I wanted to get a little extra sleep and let my body recuperate or fight this bug if necessary, so I didn’t do much else Sunday after dinner. A round through the football scores to ensure my team won, my blog post for today, and that was it. I’m out.

I think I’ll have chapters three and four ready for my beta readers by Wednesday or so. If that’s too big a chunk to commit to, let me know and I won’t call on you. Sound off in the comments if you want to be included – please don’t assume I’ll remember, ‘cause I assure you no way. No way. 😦

What’d you all do this weekend?


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3 thoughts on “Weekend Blahs

  1. Yes, I would love to be included!

    If I ever feel better, I’ll make sure you get the chapters. Thank you!

    I’m happy to hear you’ve written so much, and your word count per day sounds like a great goal! Hopefully you aren’t coming down with something, but it seems as though everyone is lately. We’ve surprisingly been watching a bit of football this season, typically football only makes it way into our living room for sports highlights in the morning, and The Super Bowl.

    It’s a goal. We’ll see. I haven’t, of course, been able to do that this week being sick as a dog. But it’s a goal. 🙂

    Ctrl+S is your closest friend.

    I know. I just didn’t realize I hadn’t done that. I guess I *should of* been more careful about it. 😉

    This weekend? Matt was home sick yesterday. Feeling much better today though! And I’ve done some housework, lots of baking, and puttering with some projects for Honey Bun’s room. It’s been pretty productive, me thinks.

    Sick sucks.

  2. Can hardly wait for Wednesday. Keep me on the list please.

    I’ll make sure you’re in, Jaymie, thanks. I just haven’t felt well enough to be on my computer at home for a few days. If I start to feel better, I’ll send it out. Promise. 🙂

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