Spoke (Typed) Too Soon…

Guess what? My wife got sick.

Yep. She was thankful we only had one person come down with it, but she typed too soon. It hit her Friday night and now here it is Saturday and she’s flat out sick. Sniffling, snuffling and occasionally sneezing. But mostly just making love to her Kleenex and pillows while cuddling with her tablet to read a few Kindle books. I’m not even fully over it yet and now it’s struck again.

I brought her favorite ice cream and McD’s for the kids on Saturday and Sunday I’ll make due with something like that for them to eat too, but by Monday she’ll be on her own. I feel so bad, but I’ve missed two days of work already with this thing and I can’t see asking for time off because my spouse is sick. I just don’t think a cold or flu is enough justification. She’d never ask me to do that, but I feel for her having to deal with the kids while she’s out of it. She won’t have to cook or make my lunches of course, but still. I can’t be here to help nurse her back to health and I feel sorrow about it.

Oh, and now the pretty princess MiniNess has a runny nose and might be showing the first signs of trouble.

So an uneventful weekend. I did, however, send out chapter three to my beta readers. Chapter four’s not ready yet, and I haven’t even started editing yet. If you’re offering me comments and feedback, be sure it’s in a format I can capture for later revisions.

Hope all of you had a better weekend than us.


Copyright 2011 DarcKnyt, All rights reserved


4 thoughts on “Spoke (Typed) Too Soon…

  1. Sorry to hear that the nasty bug burrowed in…excited to check my email now.

    Thank you sweetie. I really appreciate the help I’ve gotten. I know I left a few people off the list though.

  2. Sorry I was never able to start reading your work. Things came up. Hopefully it is going well!

    No issues at all Bob. It’s all good, and it’s going as well as could be expected for now. 🙂

  3. I’m hoping to find a bit of time tomorrow to sit down and read your chapters.

    No rush, just enjoy them. Hope it’s not been so long you’ll have to re-read chapter one! 🙂 I’m just thankful for your willingness to help.

    Sorry to hear the bug has spread 😦

    We’re trying to get back on the horse. It’s tough NOT to spread it once it sets in. Thankfully the kids are all right.

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