A Research Center — Funding Required

I’m going to start a research facility. I’ll ask for a government grant to get started, but I’ll need private donations as well.

It will be the Facility for Adipose Research Treatment Annex.

And when people come in, they will be greeted by a receptionist screaming so hard spittle flies from her frothing lips, “THIS! IS! FARTA!”

Anyone care to donate?


Copyright DarcKnyt 2011, all rights reserved


4 thoughts on “A Research Center — Funding Required

  1. One question: Why do we want treatments for adipose research?

    We need to treat and research adipose tissues. I have lots to spare. Care for some?

    Are there really people who say, “Gee, I’d like to stop researching adipose fats. If there were only a facility that could help me stop…”

    There’s a 12-step program for everything nowadays, ain’t there?

    Anyway, I’ll just go ahead and pledge $100 right now.

    And we accept! Thank you for your donation!

  2. That’s hilarious!
    I’m glad to hear that MiniNess got through her dental ordeal. Poor kid. There’s nothing fun about a dental abscess.

    No, there sure isn’t, but she was brave and she hit it off with the dentist and the hygienist very well. 🙂 Thanks Spark!

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