Attention, Readers!

This past weekend I broke inertia (again) and worked on my WIP. For those who aren’t following me closely, that means I was able to get myself writing again this weekend. Very cool, but not terribly productive. Still, with next week being the week for renewing my efforts on the workout front, there’s only so much time I can spend writing, since my job is going to become a consuming force here shortly (again).

So, readers, I’m facing a touch of a dilemma. See, I have a story structure map for my book set out. And I’m just sort of writing from one milestone to the next. This allows me to have freedom to take off in a given direction if something cool comes bubbling out of my subconscious, but also keeps me on track in the story’s path. It’s the best of the plotter/pantser worlds in my opinion, and also allows me to tweak more one way or the other. Right now, I only have the five major milestones of the story structure plotted out, and everything in between carries the story toward next milestone (theoretically). Pretty simple, right?

The problem is, I’ve let this first act of the story structure get away from me. If I keep on this way, I could actually end up with a tome. This part should be the first twenty percent of the book, and while there’s some play in that, there isn’t a lot. I don’t want things to drag. So now, what I’ve started to do is plot out the major points of the current milestone, so they lead logically to the next one. I still find this to be less restrictive than a major outline, but getting back on track is a bit tricky.

So, dear readers, here’s my question: Does the book seem to be on pace to you? Do you find the book moving forward with enough momentum to hold interest, or is it boring you now? Are you looking for something to happen, something to generate a little excitement?

I need honest feedback now. This is not the time to coddle. I’ll never improve if you don’t give me your unrefined thoughts on this. I’m writing this one for readers – I’m hoping a lot of them – so you’re the most important element in this one. And I’ve already heard from my all-critical and beloved First Reader, so now I’m going to compare what you all might say and see what has to happen here. It might mean a cutting process.

That’s tricky, because every scene in the story has a point (duh). And so deciding which ones aren’t contributing to the overall story as much as the others is going to be hard. I’ve also tried to work toward starting my scenes at the last possible moment, so the reader is right on top of the action when it happens, and there isn’t a lot of drivel between. This, however, might be my Achilles’ Heel in writing, and perhaps there are places where I can cut things because they’re not helping the scene along as much as I thought.

Anyway, if you’re beta reading for me, would you please let me know whether the story seems to be adrift, whether the pacing is okay, whether you’re bored, or what? I’d really appreciate it. And as soon as you can get me your feedback on the latest chapter I’ve sent out, it too would be much appreciated.

So…what’d YOU all do this weekend?


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3 thoughts on “Attention, Readers!

  1. Glad to hear you’re cracking on with it, even if there are some obstacles popping up. Has there been a new chapter since Chapter Two? If so I didn’t get it 😦

    Oh, Charlotte! I’m so sorry! Chapter three was dispersed last weekend, though no one’s feedback has come to me yet. I’ll send it off as soon as I’m able. My apologies and thanks simultaneously!

  2. I gave you feedback on chapter three, right? I feel like it’s moving along fine, but if you’re worried about pace, just progress things forward in the next chapter and you’ll be okay.

    Initially, I thought you hadn’t, but now I see you did, indeed, give me feedback. Thank you sweetie. I was curious how or IF you wanted feedback on DR on your blog, too? You didn’t say one way or the other.

    • I was actually wondering if you wouldn’t mind beta reading the entire story. It’s not quite finished yet, as I’m about halfway done with this rewrite, but I would really love your input.

      I’m glad to beta for you. Problem is, I don’t know when I’ll be able to do it. When do you expect to finish the rewrites? do you have a time frame? Let me know so I can tell you whether it’s possible for me right now or not. But even if it has to wait a bit, I’m happy to help.

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