Round Up

Just a sort of round up of things happening in and around my world, for those who give a crap. All three of you.

RIP, Steve Jobs

Goodbye, Mr. Jobs, and thank you for all the shiny new fun toys you’ve provided over the years, and for creating an entire generation or two of arrogant, pig-headed computer users who cling desperately to “BETTER!” when they’re not anymore. And congratulations, too, because with your tiny li’l i-tagged devices, you managed to make almost everyone on the planet forget that you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do any of those things if Bill Gates — you know, the Microsoft founder? — hadn’t bailed your company out back in 1997.

Projects: Professional

Two Down, One to Go

Thank you to Flippy the Bongo. I don’t know who you are, but your comment on my blog inspired me to press on and complete the macro problem I was facing this week and finish it yesterday. I don’t know if I kicked it’s a$$, as you suggested, but I certainly win round one and if there is a round two, I’ll face it much more assuredly than I did this time. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I have one more macro thing I have to do by Tuesday and then I start lining up some others, including ones which will work with my current macros to incorporate data from our new system when it goes live.

Just typing that makes me nervous, though.

Also, one of the ASP pages I was supposed to fix but couldn’t…is now fixed. I just stopped working on it (read: Dealing with it) for a while. When the customer service supervisor came charging in to my office yesterday blustering about did I manage to fix that, and her people have to update their evaluations, and can I let her know when it’s ready, and all that crap on Tuesday, I hopped right on it. I opened the file, did a quick search and found the code section, read it, and added two clauses to the SQL statement. (That’s technical speak, if you don’t know.) And voila! It worked. That one, I did indeed kick some a$$ on. I just don’t know why it took me so long to do so.

Projects: Personal

On the writing front, I’ve nothing to report. I sent out chapter three to people but only two of them have responded. AHEM. The rest of you, please get back to me as soon as you can. With Halloween — which is suddenly everyone’s favorite holiday — just around the corner, and costumes, decorations and supplies to make/buy pressing on formerly-spare time, I understand not being able to help. If you want to drop from the beta list, I’m not going to be hostile to you. If you offered to read and haven’t responded, however, you’re a jerk. (J/K. Mostly.) Please do get back to me before this weekend so I can move forward based on your comments.

Also, I’ve not been writing the last couple of days because my back and neck hurt like hell and I can’t sit in my uncomfortable doggone chair at home. Hrmph.

I also have another WIP I’d like to play with. It’s in a different piece of software too. I think I may even want to try a different story structure technique on it. While my four-part, five-milestone method is awesome (it is, dammit), this technique offers smaller and more numerous “steps”. Twelve of them, to be precise. So, I’m thinking about using a 12-step program to help my writing.

The first step is admitting you need help…right?

The premise of the second story is simple, but it’s execution is complex. I don’t know why, but I bet gatekeepers would tell me not to try it. I won’t rail on why that’s stupid advice — as is all the advice gatekeepers give, since it’s all targeted at making sure writers must pass through gatekeepers to get to readers anyway — but I’ll say it’s something I bet most readers won’t have a problem with.

The story starts in third person, then moves to first person, then switches to another character’s first person POV for the main part of the story, then will transition back to the original first person POV, and then The End. I do love a challenge I guess. I’d also like betas for that one. But the holidays are coming up and I don’t think I’ll get many takers.

Congratulations to Bryce and Aurora Beattie

Congratulations to my buddy Bryce and his wife Aurora on the birth of their son! We couldn’t be more happy for a couple who has been through a lot and for a man who’s been a good friend, even if only in the ether, since he first stopped by my blog to tell me he liked Ghost Hunters (my online serial, not the TV show, though he may like that too, who knows?). God bless you all, BB, and we couldn’t be happier for you and your family.

Next up, maybe: a meme I stole from WIGSF wherein there are alternate, path-not-chosen DarcKnyts to explore.

God bless and have a great day everyone.


Copyright 2011 DarcKnyt, all rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Round Up

  1. Which 12-step process is that? And I’ve already commented and am patiently awaiting chapter 4. No pressure. :3

    Yep, you did. Wait…you did? I don’t think I got the comments from chapter three, did I? I’ll have to look and see. But, as for chapter 4, I want to see what folks say about 3 first. πŸ™‚

    The 12-step program for writing? I gave this to you in an email. You’d better NOT have deleted it…go. Now. Look. Read. πŸ˜‰

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