Public Service Announcement

I’m going to be offline for a while.

As some of you may have heard, my computer hard drive died inexplicably last weekend. I don’t know why, but the symptoms are long standing and go back to just a few weeks after purchase. I didn’t recognize them as symptoms until later, however, and now that it’s dead, there’s little to be done about it anyway.

Since I’ve gotten zero responses on my last two posts (and please, don’t bother now, I can’t do anything about them anyway), I assume my blog has lost interest for most of you. Which is fine, I blog for me anyway. I’ll continue to do what I do when I can but for right now, I’m dead in the water and I can’t blog at work (like I’m doing right now) very often. At all. I have work to do, and I don’t get paid to do this, though that would be cool.

I’d also like to say, don’t buy a consumer-grade computer from HP again, ever. I won’t be. They’re nothing but trouble, mine’s already retired, and I’ve been complaining about HP’s support since it was based in the US, which will give you some idea how long that is. If I talk to one more person named “Sam” from south-central Asia, I’m going to slit my throat and stab “Sam” in the eye with a ballpoint pen.

I’ve purchased my last HP. They’re junk. I hate them. And they hate me right back. Two computers in less than a year have failed on me. I’m more than frustrated.

That is all for now. Be well. I will return, but you may want to consider whether you will or not.



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