Well. I’m back online.

My computer is mostly recovered now. I have a few things I still need to do, like get my pictures back from all the various thumb drives onto which they were scuttled. I have to fiddle and futz with my settings to make sure it’s all the way I like it. And I have to come up with some sort of strategy for backing up my data.

I’m also thinking about the consequences of shopping by price and recognition. I should have been more prudent in my research when shopping for my computer. It would have been well worth some additional cash to get a more reliable computer, and while this one’s not terrible, let’s just say the honeymoon’s over. After less than six months, I’m already looking for the time when I can get rid of it. And the manufacturer, too. I won’t be buying another one of their computers in my life, even if I end up paying significantly more for the same thing. I’ve just got a bad taste in my mouth for them.

But my writing can resume, I suppose. If anyone’s still interested in beta reading, let me know. I may have to re-shoot chapter four because of issues I’m having with getting where I need to do, but before the unforeseen crash, my loving wife and I hammered out a path to take. And if I can just recall what it is, maybe I can proceed from here without any harm.

So I spent my Saturday installing software, and my wife spent her Friday night doing the hardware replacement for me. (She’s awesome at it.) I’ll let you know if this works in five months, which was the failure point this time. That will, by the way, still be within the standard warranty for this machine.

How was your weekend?


Copyright DarcKnyt 2011, all rights reserved

3 thoughts on “Regeneration

  1. I’m still interested in Chapter Four. Email it to me whenever you’re ready for beta-readers to see it. =)

    Thank you!

  2. Still interested in chapter 4 too. Stinking computers man!! Can’t live with them, can’t afford to throw them out the window. :-/ Fingers crossed that this is the last of the computer drama for a while.

    Thanks, VR! My fingers are crossed for that, too! Thank you for continuing to beta read, also!

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