I’m swarmed.

Our team is celebrating Customer Service Week THIS week, instead of the normal time two weeks ago, because we had several people traveling over the last two weeks. So it’s all about fun, games and excitement two times a day. Which means, I have little to no free time and may end up having to stay longer and working on those stupid macros, to get them to import the new data from our new system, which now may or may NOT be coming live on 10/24.

Ugh. Skippy the Bongo, are you sure I’m going to make it all right? I’m struggling. It takes me soooo long to do anything, and that means I’m tired and grumpy when I get home from mentally banging my head all day. I try not to be, but I come up short often enough. I should treat my family to something nice as a compensatory measure.

Anyway, not much happening on the writing front, but I’ll try to send out Chapter 4 to my still-willing betas very shortly. Hope you all can get back to me soon, like by the end of the weekend, because once I clear this real-job hurdle, I’m going to focus on getting this story going again. I have my goals, now I just have to meet them. Butt-in-Chair Time. I want to have it on Kindle by… I dunno. Year end?

Hope you’re having a good week so far!



2 thoughts on “Swamped!

  1. Happy Customer Service week! My week is getting a little better every day.

    I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear that. We’ve been praying for you hon. I hope things take a dramatic turn for the better for you!

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