Facing the Music

Today, I face the music. I have to spend as much of my day as possible crawling through my databases and macros and trace the path of data flow so I can update a couple of the tables. My boss wants them changed to accommodate the new report designs. That’s my job.

I did a huge TV show marathon this weekend. And last weekend too. I didn’t do as much writing as I wanted but I did do some. I have chapter five of my WIP well underway and the next steps have been plotted and planned out. I’m going to hurry up and get to the damned point now and start the catapult to sling my protagonist on his merry way down the hero’s path. Action and conflict galore in this section too.

But during the day, I’m beat up and busy. When I get home I’m mentally drained and all I want to do is veg. My loving spouse seems to understand, but I don’t like being this way. It’s too easy to use it as an excuse to behave this way all the time. I need to rip myself out of inertia this week and start my exercise program again too. *Sigh* I’ve fallen off many wagons, it seems.

Back to dieting, exercise and writing, I guess. How was your weekend?




2 thoughts on “Facing the Music

  1. What show did you watch for your marathon?

    Star Trek: Voyager was my choice of poisons! I loved it. More than any of the series which came before it, far as I can tell. I tried DS9 recently but didn’t care for the pilot.

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