This is what my nightmares look like...

I’m staying home today.

Last night I was up until well after 4AM trying to wrestle down the issue I’ve been struggling over for the past couple of weeks. New data, coming to us from a new system, and I have to find a way to marry the new and the existing. So far, it’s been less than a stellar effort.

Things blew up in my face — repeatedly — as the old systems tried to ingest what I offered them and when one hiccup developed, the house of cards toppled. One failure causes a cascade effect, and before long I’m surrounded by unfinished business. Because I was working at home, the connection is slower than at work. By a long, long shot. So everything is agonizing in its duration. And maybe some of the failure can be attributed to that.

Still, I have to fix it, and now, I have to insert the new data by hand. It has to go in, and I have to be the one to put it in. So while I’d love to stay home and play hooky today, there’s no way I can do that. After being online for more than seven hours last night, I have to get back on in a little while and do it all over again.

If you’re the praying type, I can use all of it you can spare. Maybe He’ll listen to you, because it sure as heck felt like He didn’t hear any of mine.

It can’t last forever, right?



One thought on “Homestead

  1. Sounds like work has been a downer lately. Hope it turns around soon!

    Me too. I’m getting really nervous about job security. Unfounded? Maybe. But still!

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