Five Alive

I finished chapter five last night, and I broke ground on six. Or was it seven? I’m starting to lose track.

At this point, I have a brush-through to do on five and it will be ready to go out. So any volunteers, who’d like a place in immortality on the acknowledgements page — and who aren’t doing NaNo this year — please feel free to step forward and raise your hands. I’ll shoot it out either tonight (depending on response) or tomorrow, and then sit back and wait for the feedback.

Unfortunately, this portion of the sotry took a lot longer than I anticipated. It went haywire, actually, and I’m about 25K words in. I’ve just hit the first milestone, though, which means this tome is going to be 100K if I’m true to the percentiles in the story architecture plan I use. I can’t see that happening. I’d love to have this thing out by the end of the year, too (AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *ahem*… sorry), so I can’t bang away for that long. I really need something else to happen here, and find some ways to trim the word count. My buddy Bryce gave me some good tips, but they’re sort of give-and-take, so I’m not sure they’ll work to trim the fat.

If you see things you feel can go, or if you have suggestions about what might be fluff in Ghosts of Chapters Past, please feel free to comment and I’ll consider all reasonable requests. (Being the author, I know what’s actually key and what ain’t, so I can decipher the suggestions accurately.)

Thanks again, special readers, and as always, sign up in the comments section below to get your loss leader copy of the next chapter. I think I’ll do this through chapter six, then go it alone with your suggestions to guide me, but if anyone thinks that’s a lousy idea, let me know.

Take care and thank you a thousand times, effendis.


4 thoughts on “Five Alive

  1. I’m game! Even though I’m doing NaNo, my personal word count is 35k, so it won’t be hard to read your chapter. =)

    Great! Thanks so much, hon! If you need me to return the favor I can probably manage a little on weekends. Let me know. πŸ™‚

    • I might take you up on that in December, when I’m done with some touch-ups on my novella. Other than that, though, I’m all too happy to read your work. =)

      Touch base with me a little closer to when you’re ready then. We’ll see how things are going. Just when I think I have time to do things — like write, for instance — life keeps getting in the way. 😦

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