Rant Warning

mls-cry-babiesI’m about to rant about publishing. Don’t like it? Get off my lawn. Now.

Still here? Great, let’s go.

Elisa Michelle posted a link to an interesting article about indie publishing versus gatekeeper publishing. But the article writer wasn’t taking a stand for or against a side. He was crying about how tired everyone is of hearing this one’s better, that one’s the only way, the other one’s the shiny. You’ve heard the arguments, haven’t you? Heck, I’ve made some of them here.

The article writer, essentially, isn’t taking a stand. He states he’s tired of the “debate” – and then posits the idea there isn’t a debate. He lumps the whole “plotters versus pantsers” arguments in there – making it a whole thing about “writing”, don’tcha know – but in fact, he’s really tired of indie publishing apologists.

See, there aren’t any real apologists out there for the gatekeepers anymore. For the longest time – seven decades, more or less – they were the only game in town. They didn’t need apologists. You want to be published? You go through them. Full stop.

Now? Now there’s choice. And not the crappy, poorly formatted, lousy product choice which used to be “self-publishing”, either. Now you have real choice.


So the whiner – sorry, article writer – says he’s sick of people who continually try and convince the rest of us “traditional” (read: “abusive”) publishing is not only still viable, but is as good a choice as indie publishing.

Any precursory examination of the facts, however, will prove otherwise. In short order.

But there are those who continue to try and hold up gatekeepers as an equally viable means, even though it hasn’t been for a few years now. (Since 2009, specifically.) There is no need for writers to continually be abused and mistreated and robbed by the gatekeepers. If the goal is to be read, to have your work read, then reaching your readers hasn’t ever – in your life, writer – been easier than it is right now.

Marketing? Don’t gimme that bullsh!t, gatekeeping publishing doesn’t do that for most authors. Hasn’t for years. IF, and that’s a big IF, you’re somehow miraculously able to get through the gatekeeper system to an actual gatekeeper, AND lucky enough to get through the gatekeeper to the publishing house, AND lucky enough to be picked up (read: “considered profitable enough”) by the publisher, AND lucky enough to go to print…well, you’re pretty doggone lucky. But unless you’re really, REALLY lucky – lucky enough so someone thinks you’re bound to be the next J. K. Rowling, Amanda Hocking, Stephenie Meyer, or John Grisham – the odds are, you’re not going to get a TV commercial. Or a radio commercial. Or a spot on Ferguson. Or a magazine ad. No, you’ll get included with the rest of the schlubs in their catalog, and then they expect you, the writer, to market your own f**king book to the unwashed masses.

So, you’re providing the content, you’re revising the content, you’re marketing the content, and you’re only receiving a tiny fraction for the content. Make sense to you?

Yeah, it doesn’t to me either.

Why don’t you just write the content, revise the content, then publish the content yourself? For the privilege of using their shelf space indefinitely, places like Amazon and PubIt! charge you 30 or 35% of the sales for any sale over $2.99. They keep 65% if it’s under that. And you never have to worry about it being backlisted, falling of print, or going out of style. Don’t like the cover? Make a new one and upload it. Don’t like chapter fifteen? Rewrite it and re-publish it. Announce you did on your blog and Twitter and places like GoodReads and Shelfari, and then everyone who owns your book has the new one.

Try doing any of that – any of it, including the 35 to 70% on each sale – with a gatekeeper.

But, like this whiner – sorry, writer – says, the argument is tiresome now.

Know why? Because there’s no counter-argument. They’re tired of being pwnd. They’re not able to deflect the stupidity of their arguments away from themselves, and so sycophants have to come along and try to do it for them. They know they’re dinosaurs, they know they won’t last much longer. The meteor has hit. The shock wave is coming. They’re clinging to the last bit of life they have, but any control of the industry they seem to generate is a rouse, an illusion. They’re outmoded and outdated. Know why they hated Amazon setting the price point for eBooks a few years back? Yeah, you know why. The gatekeepers said they “couldn’t” price books at $9.99 and “be profitable.” Bullocks.

That’s a bald-faced lie.

So they don’t want to hear from people like Konrath and Eisler, making asses of them the whole way along while they flounder and flop around, fish trying to find that last wet part of the muck to get in. It’s over for them and anyone stupid enough to believe their death throes accusations and spin is just that…stupid.

Fact is, there isn’t a debate. The whiner was right about that. The debate ended in 2009. Now it’s a waiting game.

Waiting for the inferior, unattractive and unsupportable gatekeepers to die. And take all your mewling sycophants with you.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.



4 thoughts on “Rant Warning

  1. Honestly, I’m sick of both sides yelling at everyone to do what they think is best. Do I think self publishing is right for me? Yes. Do I want to go for traditional publishing? Not anymore, not even a little.

    But if someone else wants to, and that’s their cherished dream, don’t yell in their face about it being stupid. You’ll only make them more determined to prove you wrong — which, if you really want to help them, isn’t the right way to go about things. I mean, don’t sugarcoat your opinion, but don’t call them raging f*ck wads or equate people still in the system to slaves. It doesn’t solve the actual problem.

    At the same time, self publishing information does need to be spread about, still. I’m surprised all the time by how many don’t even realize it’s a viable option. But again, there’s no need to be demeaning or insulting about this. It doesn’t help. It also wastes valuable time you could be helping others by giving facts or going about your own self publishing journey to return with even more solid proof for your argument. You know? That’s partially why I’m personally getting sick of Konrath. He’s great for those who believe the traditional publishing lie, and he really did help me at first, but now I don’t need to hear that same message over and over. Maybe the issue is the people who keep up with these people are those who first stepped out into the self publishing world, and now they’re past the slap to reality.

    Does any of that make sense? Haha.

    First: Please understand, I like you. Okay? I do.

    But, remember what you just wrote up there: “…don’t sugarcoat your opinion…” That’s key. So don’t sugarcoat YOURS. If you feel this whiner — sorry, article writer — is telling the truth, and agree with him about the reality of the publishing world, that’s fine. But the argument he’s using is a very typical mindset for people who don’t have facts to support their “cherished dreams” anymore, and who aren’t capable of presenting a logical argument or counterargument to the points being made. “Don’t be mean” is the mantra of ALL who once had dominance and now have to eat crow. You’ll see this a LOT in political circles when Democrats win elections and control our government. As soon as the Republicans make moves to re-take, or argue back the SAME WAY DEMOCRATS DO, all of a sudden it’s “don’t be mean! be nice! you’re always vicious!” or something else stupid.

    And don’t worry — I won’t sugarcoat my opinion. I think people who are sycophants to gatekeepers — even when they themselves don’t have any reason to be because they’re not published! — ARE like slaves. They only know how to do one thing — kiss ass for their masters. If that offends you, I suggest you get off the Internet right now and stay off for the rest of your life. This is pretty mild stuff compared to some of the things gatekeepers have said about self-publishers for years…more than a decade. Now the shoe’s on the other foot and they don’t like it, so anyone saying similarly harsh things is suddenly “unhelpful” and “wasting precious time.” Horseshit. No offense, EM, but horseshit, deep and wet.

    Gatekeepers said vile, horrid things about anyone who did things any other way than theirs for almost 70 years. They went so far as to blacklist those trying to blaze a new trail because they couldn’t get through the labyrinth of subjectivity, capriciousness and arbitrary random “rules” and “guidelines” set up by those gatekeepers. How dare they now cry foul and say “you can’t be that hostile and nasty!” Yes, we can. They were. And if you’ve paid even a MODICUM of attention to Kris Rusch’s articles, you know how abusive and thieving the gatekeepers are and have been for 70 years. Now we hurl a few well-deserved insults at them and the leeches licking their a$$es and all of a sudden WE’RE the ones in the wrong?! I don’t f**king think so.

    I think anyone who won’t pay enough attention to the truth of the world as it is deserves to be bitch-slapped. Let me give you another example: let’s say it’s my most cherished dream to one day be a car. I spend all my time in garages, I go to mechanics instead of doctors when I’m sick, I sit in parking lots all day long instead of going to work. I run down the middle of the street every day for miles on end. Do you think that makes any sense? Do you think that’s healthy? And if you tried to help me over and over to understand I’m NOT a car, will never BE a car no matter WHAT I do, and I tell you you’re wrong/stupid/arrogant/idiotic/abusive, how long will you go before you call me a f**ktard? I’m betting not that long.

    I don’t have patience for people who won’t face reality. I scream here on my blog because I can. I don’t force anyone to read my writing here, and I warn everyone who might get their widdow feewings hurt that I’m about to rave. But I really don’t care WHO sees it, WHOSE feelings get stomped on, and WHO is offended if they fit the description of either a gatekeeper or a sycophant. And anyone who doesn’t want to admit the insults and poor treatment, dismissal and blackballing went on for years is an idiot too, and they’re part of that description as well. If the shoe fits, skin the f**kers, I say.

    But, if you’re opposed, that’s fine for you. Don’t do it. No one says you have to. I’ve hated the gatekeeper system since I first examined it in any detail back in 2007. I thought then I had no other choice because that was the only way for a legitimate writer to be noticed, but I don’t believe that anymore. That all changed in 2009. And to be honest, in 2007 self-publishing was a horrible business model. Now it’s the only one that makes sense. I’ve also wondered for years why liberal-minded ‘tards don’t scream about the environmental impact of the print industry. They want to put the logging industry out of business, but not the print industry? That’s just stupid.

    But that’s another rant for another day. I hope you’ve had a good weekend so far.

    • I can see where you’re coming from, but I never had that amount of anger towards the traditional publishing system. I mean, I don’t approve of what they do to writers, and maybe I’m just tired of hearing it and need to unwatch a few blogs (not yours, lol, you’re a good friend to me), but the negativity of it all can be disheartening, if that makes sense. You’ve seen my blog, I’m not always nice, but I don’t want call people f*ck wads or slaves. That, to me, is just mudslinging I don’t want to be a part of.

      I think the problem I have with that attitude is, it’s been going on for DECADES the other direction and no one came along to say they were tired of it. Why now, when self-publishing has the upper hand (and don’t be fooled — it does and will), do they cry foul? The timing on it is suspicious. By the way, I’ve never seen anything but nice from you on your blog. You’ll have to point out where you were otherwise. 🙂

      I think publishers can have their place if they learn to treat writers as business equals and give them proper rights in the contracts, royalties, and so on. Otherwise, I do think they’ll disappear, but I don’t have the burning desire to see them die. Maybe if I’d tried to get into this game sooner, I’d be the same. I don’t know.

      I don’t think they have a place left. Why deal with middlemen if there’s no need? They served a purpose 60 or 70 years ago. They they tried to take over. Now the tide’s turned. What place is left for them? The abacus doesn’t have any place in the IT world. Know what I mean?

      And you know I’m not offended by your rants. =) Besides, you’ve given me a lot of motivation in the past to get past my indecision towards traditional and self publishing. I’ve made my commitment to self publishing 100%, and I’m really excited about it.

      I’m glad you didn’t get your feelings hurt. I didn’t want that. 🙂

  2. When I get an eReader, I’mma download me some original JDT! 😀

    Pfft. Let me know when you get one and I’ll send ’em to ya for nothin’. 🙂

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