Happy Birthday, Buddy!

tenth_birthday_cake_0515-1101-0714-1538_SMUTen years ago today, my son came into the world. As is his wont, he did it in an out-of-the-ordinary way. He took his mother and me by surprise after almost a week of false labor, and before we could even load her in the car to get her to the hospital, he arrived in our upstairs office at 12:10 AM on November 14, 2001.

My eyes were the first to behold him. Our useless nurse practitioner midwife didn’t handle our case very well, in my opinion, and I voiced how less than competent I thought she was to her that night on the phone. I called 9-1-1 and they talked me through the delivery. My hands were the first to touch him, as I held him in my arms and did a quick inventory of parts: legs, arms, head, face, nose, eyes, fingers, toes…all present and accounted for. My wife, in her calm and confident way, asked for him, blew gently on his face, and he drew his first breath. While we waited for an ambulance to arrive to cart them to the hospital, mother and baby nursed.

The ensuing ten years have been filled with more joy than I can ever express. And things have only gotten better with the addition of his sister three and a half years later. He’s my first born, my only son, and my buddy.

I love you son, and God bless you. I certainly have been blessed by Him through you.



6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Buddy!

  1. Oh my goodness – a surprise home birth? Good thing the two of you were able to take it in stride. Happy birthday to your son! 🙂

    Thanks, Spark! It was a bit of surprise, because of how quickly it went from labor to broken water to delivering on the floor. Our daughter’s home birth, however, was planned. 🙂

  2. Happy birthday to your Darcling 🙂

    That would be quite the surprise! That’s amazing that you were the first to hold him in the open. It was hours before I was able to hold Cain.

    I’m tearing up reading this. I love birth stories :)♥ Love, is why we’re all here.

    He’s been a wonder for us. Sometimes, in our darkest times, he was all we had, and always gave us joy.

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