Chapter Six is Ready

If there are any beta readers out there interested in reading for me this week, I’d love to have you. But with Thanksgiving just a day away, I don’t think I’ll have any takers. Which is fine, I understand how busy you all are.

I’m really looking forward to this time off and being with family for this holiday. I’m so glad I took the extra time away from work. I haven’t been so relaxed in a long time.

Tuesday sorta sucked, though, because I had to address a nasty, fast-progressing headache threatening to hit migraine threshold at full steam. By the time I took enough OTC meds to kill it, I was exhausted and zombie-esque. No fun, and no writing for another day. On the upside, we finished watching Star Trek: Enterprise. I have to say, the end of the series was a disappointment, really. They had a lot of potential. I guess they also felt the need to tie back into other ST franchises, which probably didn’t do a lot of good for the show. Only the nods to the previous series — and Voyager got screwed there — made it sort of a wink-nod thing. But it’s not a big wonder to me the show failed.

With that off my chest and with ZERO interest in Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (I tried, I really did, but UGH — suckitude a-plenty!), I guess I can re-focus on what’s important. And baby, it ain’t Star Trek.

Nothing else to say, really, so sign up below if you’re interested in what will likely be the last chapter I send out on this book. I’ll only send out chapters by request after this. I want to get serious and finish it, but Lord knows, I’ve had a lot of trouble there.

God bless and if we don’t talk before, Happy Thanksgiving. Or Happy Thursday to my friends abroad. ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “Chapter Six is Ready

  1. You know I’m always good for a read.

    Thanks, bud. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. You’re among the LOOOOONG list of things for which I’m grateful.

  2. I’ll read it. If you get it to me today I can finish today. Otherwise might be Saturday eve.

    No sweat, thanks! How ’bout sending some Pumpkin Bread while you’re at it?

    I thought the reason Enterprise ended badly is because their cancellation was abrupt, but they still wanted to wrap it up as well as they could. I loved that show, but apparently it was forgettable because I don’t remember much about it.

    It was forgettable. They knew the show was ending from the season before the last; the studio only let them have a fourth season to enable the syndication deal to go forward. So, meh.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    And to you and yours, hon!

  3. Ugh, sorry I haven’t finished chapter five yet, but send me chapter six and I’ll give feedback back to you for both of them by Sunday. =)

    Thanks! I’ll shoot it off now. ๐Ÿ™‚

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