Movies, Movies, Movies!

I took all last week off, as you’re well aware by now. And I spent a lot of that time watching movies, trying to relax. (I also spent a lot of it watching Star Trek: Enterprise too, but that’s not a movie.) In addition to those things, my ass did, in fact, increase in size over the holiday. I’ve really felt myself broadening lately, and not in the high-brow sense, either. I’ve got to do something because if I get any fatter I’ll need one of those little Walmart shopping scooters to get around on when I’m not in bed or in the car.

So the movies. Mostly what I got was a huge crapfest. Some I couldn’t even finish. I’d watch a bit then bail on them. Others I’d watch and forget them moments later. Others were okay, but nothing to write home about. Mostly I’m enjoying teaching the kids about story architecture and the grand Story Map. My daughter seems to have it down pat, and my son is really working hard to figure out what the difference is between the Inciting Incident and the First Plot Point. It’s a sticky wicket, that one, but he’s trying.

Of course, all that butt-in-front-of-TV time meant less butt-in-chair time for writing. I did, however, manage to hammer out almost the entire story in an outline. I was even careful to hit CTRL-S every so often to make sure I didn’t lose it.

I lost it anyway. I cried out in agony to bud Bryce Beattie — the creator of the fantastic and FREE program I was using — asking why, oh why, didn’t it use the CTRL-S convention?! (He graciously apologized and said he thought it did.) But I lost a full afternoon’s work to the ether on that one.

Turns out, it’s not so bad though. I re-did it and could actually remember a lot of what I was doing, and where the story was going, no problem. It’s in my head. I just get stuck sometimes getting it onto paper or screen. So I wanted to ensure I could refer back to something if I get stuck again. I streamlined (left out the parts I’ve already written) and went forward, and feel okay — not great, mind, but okay — about what’s going to come. I can always expand the outline in a tricky part and see what’s under the hood.

Other than that, we had our American-themed Thanksgiving — since it’s a particularly American holiday, we thought having an American fare theme suited — and pumpkin pie for dessert. Next night, we put up the tree (ah, the joys of an artificial tree!) and the kids and my beloved decorated it. Looks fantastic and homey. They’re brilliant.

How was your holiday weekend? If it wasn’t a holiday your direction, what’d you do while I was away? Fill me in. I missed ya.



4 thoughts on “Movies, Movies, Movies!

  1. I hereby publicly apologize again. I am shamed. The worst part is that the last time I worked on the code for that was over three major computer catastrophes ago, so I don’t even have a copy of the most up-to-date code so I can fix it.

    No need to apologize, my friend, I’m honored to be able to use the software. Bummer about the source code though. Any chance of, you know, one day reviving and improving good ol’ TT? Feature enhancements could include CTRL-S saving and the cursor returning to the top of the screen when you open a file instead of the last place you typed. Font size adjustments for us bats would be nice. And maybe font choice? So it don’t have to be all Courier, all the time?

    But if not, I’m happy to say I still love TT and will continue using it as is, and do my saving from the menu.

    The holidays were good, though. Much family and eating and lazing about.

    The same as we had here, though our family is smaller. Wonderful!

  2. WIGSF’s Ctrl-S Story

    Back in the day when I had a PC I called “the 486” because it had a 486 processor and a whopping 4MB of RAM. That was my third PC (first two being an 8088 and a 286). When running Windows 3.1 (oh yeah), it had this habit of crashing spontaneously. A general protection fault was the culprit. It would crap out on me several times a day. Both my brother and I had to use this computer to do our homework. I in high school, him in university. We both learned rather quickly to violate the Ctrl-S buttons when writing essays and reports and such. It got to the point where every two words typed were followed by the pressing of Ctrl-S.

    My brother, he had this huge university assignment to do. He had his three lab partners over and they all worked together on this huge assignment. Many all-nighters were spent in the family den slaving over this POS 486. I was woken up more than once from shouts of “CTRL-S! CTRL-S! CTRL-S! Hit CTRL-S!” The best part was when I came down to see fours guys asleep in chairs in front of the computer mumbling “Ctrl-S zzzzzz.”

    Hahahaha! AWESOME story! Sounds very familiar. Boy, those ol’ pre-Pentium label days were the rage, weren’t they? Good times…good times.

  3. I overdosed on football. Cried over my Razorbacks losing so awfully to LSU. Ate some turkey, lazed about, and gave thanks that Mallory is not only potty trained, but wants to do it all by herself. It’s like I got a raise from not having to buy diapers anymore! WOO HOO!

    Ideal weekend. There’s no such thing as “overdosing” on football, either. That’s a malicious rumor started by basketball fans who are jealous because they have to have a shortened season.

  4. Hahaha! CTRL-S nothing… today I explained to a classroom full of Gen Y-ers why it’s called “Cyber Monday”. Nooo… not only did everybody not have mobile digital devices that surfed the internet, we all had dial-up at home, broadband was almost exclusively found at the workplace.

    Thanksgiving was lovely, thanks. Lots of leftover turkey. Yum!

    Awesome stuff all around. Nice to see you again!

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