The Sandwich King

Take THIS, Sandwich-Seekers!

So, if I write a post about mystery meat, I wonder how many hits I’ll get?

Through some bizarre twist of Google, I’ve had more than 200 hits on my post about National Sandwich Day. People trying to find pictures of sandwiches, for some reason, have come to my blog and found…nothing.

It’s funny. I always wonder what search parameters folks entered to bring them here, to cause them to stop on their merry way to some place interesting here, in this mud hole, before flying on to greater things. But you know what? I don’t care. I’m going to simply accept the sandwich seekers for what they are: passersby without interest in anything I have to say. They’ll move on and find what they want somewhere else I’m sure.

What terms brought them here? I don’t know. And I don’t care enough to look either. I’ll just be content that something I wrote got interest.

And I got paid by Amazon again. Cha-ching, baby.

How’s it by you?


5 thoughts on “The Sandwich King

  1. The Dashboard on WordPress will tell you what brought those visitors. For example: “thanksgiving day drowning 2011” seems to be bringing them in for “Thanksgiving at Gramma’s” on FlashTold.
    I haven’t looked into the drowning thing, I’m afraid of what I might discover…
    And there’s no telling whether they actually read anything when they arrive on FlashTold.

    I know the dashboard would reveal it, but honestly, I’m sort of afraid to ask, like you. So I’ll just roll with it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for stopping by!

  2. You want traffic? Mention “Twins” or “Nightcrawler”. Those are some of my most popular posts on my blog.

    Hahahaha! I know why “twins” works — on a couple different levels — but “nightcrawler”? Really? Other than the worm and the superhero, wth?

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