Weekend Blahs

Well, I had one boring weekend. I felt so run down and dragged out, I didn’t do much but sit around watching marathons on Netflix and checking my email and Google Reader occasionally. I couldn’t even get the kids to give me their Christmas lists. Yeah, it was a slow weekend ’round these parts. Nothing like product writing occurred at all this weekend, to be honest with you.

But I’m not apologetic about that, because the odds of my finishing this stupid thing before the end of the year are slim to none now anyway. Nevertheless, I feel terrible later about these things for some reason. The fact is,  I’ve had something on my mind from work and it’s bugging me. Still, the book’s not going to write itself. I have to force myself to do it, but that seems…forced.

The only other major problem I have is the uncomfortable chair I have at my desk. I can’t sit in it for long and that’s problematic for writing a novel. So there’s that, but that can’t be address for…some time.

And my sandwich hits seem to have run their course. I didn’t have anywhere near as many hits on Friday despite the use of the word “sandwich” in my post title. Ah, well. All good things, right?

How was your weekend?



6 thoughts on “Weekend Blahs

  1. Maybe you should trying inserting a new word to gain some hits. How about:
    – booger
    – marmalade
    – underpants
    – homunculus

    Now that they’re in there, I’ll let you know how it impacts the hits.

  2. Weekend blahs are junky. Hopefully they’ll pass soon.


    Oh, would LOVE a sandwich right about now. Thanks! (The blahs did pass, but not in time for the weekend to be enjoyable. Let’s see about the coming one, though.)

  3. I think I missed the weekend. When was it again? Le Sigh.

    That happens a lot, Damyanti. So nice to see you again! I’ve been watching from afar as your rising star gains momentum. You go, girl!

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