Quick Answer to the Quick Question

Thank you all!

First: Thank you to everyone who sounded off and offered their brilliant and loving insight to my dilemma about whether to accept another paying gig. I really appreciate your thoughts, and that you took time to share them with me.

Some of you thought, “Hey, pay is pay. Take it.” And you’re right — paying gigs are sweet. Money’s never a bad thing, far as I can tell. Your points about how they may not come along all that often are well taken too. With all the shifts and changes in the publishing industry right now, who knows what the future holds? Not I, for sure. (Though I hope the gatekeeper system goes away forever. Kris Rusch disagrees with me that it will, but Joe Konrath is on my side. Eh, time will show.)

Others among you know how poorly I deal with stress (especially my love), and how when I get too stressed, I get paralyzed. I don’t do anything. Not a good thing to have happen to one while a full-time job leans on one, and not a good thing for getting a book written on deadline. So you said, “Nah, pass, unless you need the money (Sherri‘s point, which hit me hardest). There will be other opportunities. Just watch.”

I decided to side with the second group this time and pass on the project. I know it’s a gamble — especially after speaking with my agent and hearing what’s on the docket from this publisher for 2012 — but I feel it’s a risk worth taking. I want to focus on my writing right now (“write” now?), and I can’t do that if I have a deadline looming over me. Besides, even though these go really quick, it eats all my time. So right now, with my back pain and the holidays and my job and all factors considered, passing is my best option for the moment. I’ll see what that means down the line…down the line, I guess.

No plans but to (try and) write this weekend. I want to finish my seventh chapter, use some stuff I’ve learned from screenwriting books, and see if I can figure out how to bring this bird on home. I should be close to the halfway point, but have a little way to go for that yet. No chance of finishing before the end of the year, though. And when I do finish, maybe I’ll start outlining and prepping the next one.

How ’bout you? What’s up for the weekend?



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