Lazy Days

My vacation is slipping through my fingers and part of me just doesn’t care. Isn’t that what vacations are for?

I’ve not written much. I posted something to my fiction blog as an entry to the weekly Tuesday Serial Twitter feed collector. No comments on it, and it was very short. I have the second part written and ready for next Tuesday (I might have to post on Monday night if they’ll let me). But the gag is, I wrote those a while back.

I lamented not feeling the urge, the need, to work on my current book. It feels…dead. Like I ran out of steam. An acquaintance I’ve known online for a while keeps trying to tell me it’s a structural problem. If I just put the structure in place, he keeps telling me, writing will be fun again! Yeah, thanks. He doesn’t know me very well, and we only keep the slightest contact through Facebook so he’s unaware of how I’ve been spending my time since 2009. He means well anyway.

Fact is, I’m not sure what’s wrong, honestly. My beloved suggested I’ve possibly lost interest in the characters. Could be. Or maybe it is a structural problem.

(Aside: My online acquaintance later adjusted and said “theme”, which is NOT structure, but a different core element of what Larry Brooks calls “the Six Core Competencies of Writing”: Concept, Character, Theme, Structure, Scene Execution, and Voice. Since my online bud is hammering about this, I’m guessing he’s recently discovered Mr. Brooks’s website, or has recently gotten some formal instruction on writing and how important structure is to good storytelling. But that’s just a guess – maybe he always knew.)

Regardless of what the problem is, it’s there and it’s stopping me from doing work in my WIP, and that’s becoming annoying. I had high fantasies of adding tens of thousands of words to it, but it seems I can’t get away from Angry Birds long enough to care to do it.

(Another aside: Holy CRAP, what a time suck Angry Birds is!)

instead, I while away the hours, conferring with the flowers, consulting with the rain. Meanwhile my head is scratching while my thoughts are hatching, and none of them are about my current WIP. Or any other story, for that matter.

If I only had a brain. 😉



5 thoughts on “Lazy Days

  1. I got that way with Dominant Race for the longest time. Then one day I was just enamored all over again with the plot and went at it. I guess it comes and goes. I wouldn’t really call it writer’s block. More so brain rot, or brain fry, or brain doesn’t want to cooperate mode.

    Actually, I’d say more a set in of malaise. No idea why. I hope it goes away soon — I’ve not written a word in weeks now. 😦

  2. I ♥ Angry Birds. It’s too much fun!

    Yeah! Who knew destruction could be so much fun?

    As for the writing. I don’t know what to tell you. I have a number of WIPs that really, really need to get done, and I have no desire. Likewise, I have desire to clean my apartment. I huffed the tree out the patio door and made a righteous mess, so I was hoping the debris of pine needles would encourage me to think “this needs to get done!” and I’m sitting here reading and typing instead. I’ll start when I finish here though.


    Sure, of course.

    The New Year starts Sunday, and I have a couple resolutions on my list for this year. I need to be more organized, so I can crank through some work. Be more organized in my house keeping so it doesn’t look like a bomb goes off when I get in a funk and feel like doing nothing. Along with a few others that I want to work at.

    Motivation. I needs it.

    Me too. If I want to be a professional writer, then I have to ACT like a professional writer, and WRITE, even when I don’t “feel like it.”

    And if it is your characters, maybe you should sit down and make a couple lists (I adore lists). Or even about your structure/theme/whatever. Pros and Cons, if you will. Write down what you like about how things are going, and what you don’t like. Maybe make notes after about what you don’t like and how you’d prefer it to progress/be. It’s easy to say “I’m going to write a minimum 2000 words a day”, I did that all through high school when I wrote essays. I cannot tell you how many 3000-5000 word essays I had to throw together the night before.

    Maybe give yourself a due date? And hype it up. Don’t just write in your blog about “I’d like to have my WIP finished by Hallowe’en” or whatever. Tell us – “Hallowe’en week, available for download!” Hype it up on Facebook, on Twitter… whatever other media outlets there are that you use. Market yourself with a deadline. Make the deadline and you’re golden, don’t make it, and not so golden. Make it a big deal, because it is.

    Hm. I’m not sure how the self-imposed pressure of a hard deadline will work, but it’s something to consider. ANYTHING is something to consider. 🙂

  3. I tried Angry Birds once and truly didn’t see the appeal. I guess that’s a good thing.

    Yes. VERY good. Or it means I’m an obsessive personality with addictive tendencies. 😉

    Don’t worry, Scarecrow, holidays are for relaxing. Your brain needs a rest. Soil needs to lie fallow sometimes before it’s ready to yield another harvest. And you can’t make the plants grow faster by pulling on them! 🙂

    Aw, Spark, you always seem to know JUST what to say. Thank you so much. 🙂

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