The End is Here! The END is HERE!

Well…the end of my run with, at least.

For a lot of reasons – and I won’t discuss them so don’t ask – it’s time for me to move on from I found WP back in 2007 and have been faithfully blogging here ever since. I’ve loved most of it. I loved that, unlike Google’s Blogger service, WordPress offered the ability to create pages for your blog so you could almost maintain a full-on web site rather than just a blog. (Blogger, later, answered this capability.) WordPress’s dashboard was phenomenally easy to use and clear. It had wonderful stats and Askimet anti-spam. It was, in short, brilliant and fun.

But they’ve recently lost some of their luster in my eyes. They claim to be about “free speech”, but I’ve seen their actions belie those words and so, with a heavy heart and a lighter pocketbook, I move over to my own domain.

I hope you’ll all update your links to my new site, and that I’ll be seeing you there instead of here from now on. (The comments on this blog will be disabled, FYI.) Starting today, my now house is:

Feel free to stop by and say hello. Things are a little different there, but it’s still me. Hopefully it will still be a place you want to see. There’s a landing page and a separate blog page, so be sure to subscribe to the blog page by clicking the RSS Feed button on the sidebar. And I’ll try to update the links as soon as I can, so my blog-buds will get their due. For a time, I’ll leave this blog up as a reference for those who want it.

Thank you for all your constant support and friendship. God bless, and have a wonderful 2012.



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