The New Chair

Oh, my glorious new chair arrived!

You already know that, however, if you follow my awesome and amazing and beautiful wife, who not only insisted I buy the doggone thing, but assembled it for me too!

I sat in it for only a few minutes last night. Due to circumstances beyond my control, we had to run out and didn’t get back until later. After we ate our (hopefully last) drive-through meal, and wrapped up an interesting discussion with KnytLite and MiniNess about their hopes and dreams for the future, it was too late for me to do much of anything, including write a blog post for today, so I’m stealing a bit of time from my employer to do it. Shh! Don’t tell.

Anyway, the chair will get it’s real test tonight. I’ll get home with some back pain (inevitable) and I’ll be able to tell how much a relief the chair will be right after I get in my fat guy uniform of sweats and a baggy T-shirt. I can’t wait. Being able to sit at my desk and write again without pain will be heavenly!

I’ll update as time goes on about how this works out, but I needed a chair, and this was the most comfortable one I could find, so I don’t anticipate any problems. I do need to read the instruction book to see how to use the lumbar support and such, but I don’t think that will be a problem.

I’ll also have to sit there to read through my insurance paperwork and sign the rent check. Yay, me.

How’s it by you today?



5 thoughts on “The New Chair

  1. Hurray! Progress! Sorry to hear that the chiro was a let-down. It’s always a bummer when health “care” professionals don’t seem to care. I’ll be praying for God to send you a more caring chiro.
    Happy sitting! πŸ™‚

    Thanks, Spark, that’s really sweet of you. I don’t know about chiros; might have to go with an orthopedic doc instead. We’ll see — only one more chiro on my provider’s list in my town.

  2. Does this new chair mah-sahj your butt-ocks?

    Nope, no bew-tox may-say-jing goin’ on ’round here. Matter of fact, this chair’s gotta go back; might’ve been shipped the wrong one.

  3. Judging by your comments, your chair wasn’t what you’d hoped for. Did you get a replacement?

    Yeah, we exchanged it once, but the second one we got stuck with. Better than what I had, by a long shot, but not the bliss my wife hoped. 😦 Ah, well.

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