Scheduled Posts…Oh, yeah.

This post is being written on Sunday, January 29, 2012. At about 5:50PM CST. Why do you care? Why am I telling you this? What can this mean?

All it means is, for the last three or four weeks, I’ve not been able to schedule posts because my host provider, which is currently holding my precious domain hostage until March 1, won’t let me do this. That’s why you’re reading it here first, that’s why you’re seeing me do this. ‘Cause I can.

Nothing to see here, really. Oh, I’ve been writing my keister off. Maybe not in terms of words added to the novel, but in terms of the amount of work I’ve done on it. It’s been pretty fulfilling. Some exciting things are going on for me and my loving wife, and life is good even if it remains, simultaneously, uninteresting and … hm. Stable? Things on the surface don’t seem different, but beneath, they’re very different indeed. We are different, indeed. And it’s a good thing. The future looks bright, y’all. VERY bright.

But I really just wanted to post a future post ‘cause I can. Again. And this is it.

How’s it by you? What’s on your docket for the weekend?

God bless,


One thought on “Scheduled Posts…Oh, yeah.

  1. Way to be super vague and make me feel nosey. What’s so interesting?? Hmmmm?


    I hope the Pats win but soooo won’t hope. 🙂 And now I don’t know what you mean and have to go read my own danged post. Way to be a curiosity piquer!

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