WIP It…WIP It Good

Oy. Well, the bad news is, the Patriots blew it…AGAIN. I have several expletives to use so consider me all cussed up, okay?

But, the good news is, I been WIP’ing my butt off this weekend. On Saturday night — cause I didn’t start until LATE baby, LATE — I got in about 2600 words. All good ones, too, ’cause I checked with my First Reader and she loved ’em all. Made her cry on Friday night when I wrote a particularly poignant scene I didn’t even realize was poignant. I love it when that happens, I gotta confess, but when I try to make something like that happen, it flops. I will, therefore, be happy with this serendipity.

And, my first reader loves the pacing and content of what I wrote Sunday too. Sunday, I had an even better day — 2800 words, thereabout. That means, all said and done for the weekend, I added about 15% to my novel, and topped out the 50K mark. I wouldn’t have done it in NaNoWriMo time, but I’m not overly disappointed in my progress either. I can always be faster, I suppose, but you know, overall — this ain’t been bad.

I’m in the last legs of Act II, closing in on the final plot point. Before long, I’ll be done and can only hope the editing and rewriting process is as smooth as the writing process has been post outlining.

My loving wife also paid me a very, very high compliment during her nightly reading. She told me one of my characters was really rich and had a lot of layers to her, a lot going on. I was blown away. I don’t think anyone, in all my writing life, has ever complimented me on the depth of one of my characters. The last time someone told me they liked my character they didn’t use the word “depth” — which doesn’t make it any less flattering by any stretch — but to hear it put that way meant a lot to me.

On the chair front, things didn’t go as well. On Saturday, we went and bought a new chair for me to work in. It arrived on Tuesday, my love assembled it, and Tuesday night we had errands to run. I didn’t get to actually use the chair until Wednesday, and brother, it almost killed me. I could NOT sit in it for more than a few minutes before my back started screaming in agony.

Thursday, we take the chair back. My poor wife had to disassemble the damned thing and it wasn’t easy. After she had a frustration-induced meltdown, we got it returned and our money refunded, no problem. We identified the chair we wanted — the one we actually tried to order — and they went on sale in the interim. So we got enough of a deal on them to buy two — one for me and one for Fal. But guess what? That’s right; we got them home and tried them over the weekend only to find they don’t do much (a bit, but not much) for my back. And my wife? Well, she doesn’t like hers either. It’s too high off the ground and she can’t lower it enough for her feet to touch the floor. She feels like it’s pushing her forward off the seat. And the arms pinch her thighs. The big and tall version, which is what they gave us when we ordered initially, was too deep and had the same height issue. Seems like computer desk chairs aren’t what they used to be and we can’t stick with these, so they were going to be boxed up and returned too.

Sunday, after all this and being ready to re-box my chair and take it back to the store, I sat down in it to write and check my online things for about three hours and had ZERO BACK PAIN. I almost cried. I went and took a shower and it just wasn’t the same after that, but the “pain” is actually more of a “discomfort” now. It’s not a full-on agony like it was. So maybe — just maybe — my back needed time to adjust to the new chair. Maybe it’s still adjusting. A few more days should tell the tale. And if it goes well, I might just ask my boss to spring for one like this for work, too. Or maybe something like they had at the Sam’s Club where we went to check on a better option for my wife.

In the end, she decided she’d rather just look into fixing her old chair, if she can. We’ll see. More on that as it develops.

How’s it by you, y’all?


5 thoughts on “WIP It…WIP It Good

  1. Wow. Awesome progress on your WIP and hope your chair works out in the long term.

    Thanks, CV! I was really happy with the progress on the WIP. I can actually see the end of it coming now, and the pacing is moving much faster. Shorter, punchier scenes, direct, to the point; there’s an urgency in the writing now which fits the section of the book, y’know? πŸ™‚ I hope the chair works out too. I really do. 😦

  2. Congrats on getting so much done on your WIP! Very inspiring. Your back pain though…not so much. 😦 Hope that all gets resolved soon.

    Thanks V. Yeah, the back pain bites, but the WIP’ing is going great so far. I can’t wait to see how quickly I can close it out!

  3. My loving wife also paid me a very, very high compliment during her nightly reading. Apparently, a character in some bodice ripper she’s been reading reminds her of me.

    That’s what you should have written. That whole depth metaphor is a little too obscure. Keep, it, simple! The character is well hung. Your wife thinks you are too. Or at least is willing to lie to your face about it.

    Good to know, I’ll keep it in mind. And yeah, she’s willing to lie to my face about it. πŸ˜‰

  4. You guys aren’t having much luck in the chair front. Height is very important. I’m about 5’2-3″, and it’s a real issue if my feet can’t touch the floor, we have bar stools for our kitchen nook, but I pull my little rocker over when we sit there, because I can’t tolerate my feet dangling.

    We have other issues, too — when my wife’s legs don’t touch it causes her to lose circulation to her feet after a while. Since we spend SOOOO much time at the computer, it’s GOT to be comfortable. Anything else is a disaster. Part of the reason I bought a laptop is to be able to be comfortable, or get that way. Why I’m not using it like a laptop is another story altogether… πŸ˜›

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