Writing, Weight Loss and Other Stuff

Another boring weekend in our house, but some things are happening for us. I realize how mundane this all must seem to outsiders, but for us, this is great, exciting stuff, and we have a lot of fun looking forward to our future. We feel our lives are changing for the better and we’ve taken a step toward improving ourselves. Those things might not matter to you readers, but if you’re interested in seeing what’s going on from my tiny view port in the world, it’s there for you after the jump.

Weight Loss

So, the weight loss…yeah, I don’t really have much to report. I have to ask LOML to measure me again and see if there’s been any change. It’s been a few weeks since our renewed commitment to our weight loss lifestyle, but it’s also represented a couple of weeks of getting it right. I like to think of it as tacking into the wind, trying to generally stay on course while we find the path of least resistance and keep things moving forward.

Still, when I found out how much weight I gained, I panicked. And I don’t know whether my panic is alleviated or not, because despite the victories in discovery, their implementation hasn’t been stellar. In other words, yeah, we learned lots, but it’s still getting those things right which makes life tough.

But weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. I didn’t get this way overnight, even though it feels like I did, and I won’t get back to how (and who) I was overnight, either. Which sort of ticks me off. I’m willing to bet it takes way, WAY longer to undo this crap than it did to get here. Any takers on that bet? Anyone?


Yea verily, I say unto thee, I hast regained my writing mojo after taking a full week off, for the most part. Most of that week came as a direct result of my back pain, but some of it also was exhaustion. By the time I got home weeknights last week, I could’ve skipped dinner (and skipping meals isn’t a bad thing for you no matter what the health industry tries to say) and gone straight to bed. Instead, I faced every alarm clock feeling like I could use another ten. Hours, not minutes. By the end of the twelve hour journey from alarm to getting home, I was dead tired.

But this weekend I didn’t let tired stop me. And I really shouldn’t any time, now that I’m thinking this through, because I can manage to get out an easy 500 or 1K in just a short period of time. Very simple: Butt-in-chair. It works every time I try it.

So this weekend my a$$ spent a lot of time in my chair. And not as much as it might’ve, because I did some gallivanting which wasn’t necessary and sort of left me feeling ticked, but even so I got a good amount of writing done.

How much, you ask? (No you didn’t, but I want to believe you actually care.)

I got more than 2900 done on Saturday night – all after 10PM by the bye – and then on Sunday, I got a noon-ish start and went through more than 2900 again. So I bested 5K by a fair amount, and came in just short of 6K. (I could’ve added to it I guess, but whatever.)

So, I added two full chapters (they’re shorter, punchier chapters in Act IV) to the story and have closed within sight of the finish line. I’m guessing by the end of next weekend I’ll be done and ready to start editing, beginning with your suggestions from the first six chapters and working my way back. I think I’m pretty solid in the last chapters, but I’ll be calling for beta readers soon, so have your schedules clear.

Other Stuff

My other stuff categories are always pretty boring. I guess it’s because if I’m not writing I’m watching NetFlix and lately, I’ve not seen anything good. I started watching Bag of Bones, a made for TV adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name, and so far it’s the usual King-adaptation fare of lame and lamer. There are a couple of starts in the movie, but the sound has more to do with it than the visuals. And the dialog seems stupid and forced to me. (Fal says I can write better dialog. Damned straight, I says.)

Other than that, I’m doing a lot of research on Paleolithic Dieting principles. But that’s actually part of Weight Loss and may not belong here. I’m not convinced about it yet, and I want to give what we’re doing now a fair chance before I switch (and possibly harm myself by jumping from diet to diet), but its proponents say it’s the easiest to adhere to, healthiest, most delicious diet in the world. But then, doesn’t every diet say that?

How was your weekend, all? Anything exciting happen for you all?

God bless,


3 thoughts on “Writing, Weight Loss and Other Stuff

  1. Sounds like things have been going well for you! *thumbs up*

    Well, thanks. I actually didn’t get much but the writing done, but if that counts, then I did quite a bit. 🙂

    I have had a nice, relaxing weekend. Not much to write home about. I had tea with a friend I hadn’t seen in a couple of months, and it was nice to catch up with her. Got some errands done. Now I’m trying to get motivated to go for a driving lesson with Ken. I feel much too lazy for that, but like you said, I’ve gotta put my butt in the chair/car. (It’s a long weekend in Ontario which is why Monday is still my weekend.)

    Yeah, finding that motivation to get B-i-C time is tough, ain’t it? I’m not always up for it either, especially after a full day at work (and mine seem to be getting away from me for some reason). Be good to yourself, Spark; you deserve it. 🙂

  2. Everything exciting I did involved gaining weight, so maybe you shouldn’t know about it.

    Ha! Fair enough. I hope to do some enjoyable things involving food which don’t cause weight gain as life progresses. 🙂

  3. Keep up the good work… sometimes the results aren’t in the numbers on the scale, but the inches on your waist line 🙂

    Well…those don’t seem to be changing either, darn it! 😦

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