So You Had a Bad Day…

I had a pretty tough day at work today. The only bright spot seemed to be working on an Excel macro which does, at least in my testing, everything it’s supposed to do. But a lot of other stuff I thought was working correctly, isn’t.

I broke my butt — and that’s a large break, yo — working out a Microsoft Access database which would take a particular customer’s orders which are due in the next two weeks and produce an Excel spreadsheet which gave my boss the ability to run the report very quickly and without having to create manual, front-end formulas on the spreadsheet to calculate the date ranges needed, or to pull in the feedback we get from other personnel on when they’ll deliver those orders. All very nice, all very neat and programmer-ish.

But it doesn’t work.

For some reason, it won’t update the spreadsheet with new information. So when one of our divisions ships part of the order, and only part of the order is still considered “open”, the report should show that. It does in the spreadsheet I’m using as the basis for my data collection. But my report, after all my work and testing and yada yada, doesn’t reflect those changes. So…why?

I still don’t know, as of this writing. I clearly did something wrong, but what the heck?

Sometimes, I feel so out of my depth it’s scary. And if I don’t get this fixed by next Monday, I have to run the report manually and hope I get everything it’s supposed to have on it. So my Wednesday will be spent doing that. And praying. Lots of praying.

I thought I had the problem solved and then I tried to solve it. UGH.

On top of that, I had a fix to do for my boss about three weeks ago. I still haven’t gotten it done, because I have NO idea how to correct the data he wants. The guy who had this job before me had a couple of distinct advantages. First, he knew what he was doing and built the system from the ground up. Two, he didn’t have to write code so someone else — me, f’rinstance — had to maintain it. So he didn’t. I have to decipher what made sense to him and try and fix the things which need fixing and update what needs updating and do so in a timely manner. Three weeks after the request wouldn’t cut it if I were my boss, that’s for sure.

On the upside, I didn’t get a word written on Monday night so I’m behind the eight ball on my goals. Oh, that’s not an upside, is it? Well.

How’s it going for you so far this week? Hump day, yo. Get over the hump, or just…hump. Whichever.



2 thoughts on “So You Had a Bad Day…

  1. That sounds… complicated. Hopefully your butt can be repaired — and by that I mean whatever is broken gets resolved before more than your butt breaks.

    Thank you dear. It’s my back which refers pain to my buttocks. But my back is not better. ‘Course, if I do what the doctor says, maybe it would…

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