Weary Weekend

I’m done in today, and it’s not even 9AM my time yet.

I’m simply not doing enough to get rest on weekends, I suppose. I simply stayed up way too far in Sunday’s wee hours for my own good. I should know better, but sometimes I lose track of time and just…don’t sleep. No matter how tired I am, if I get caught up in something I’m doing, I’ll stay up all night. That’s sort of what happened.

So Sunday I got up the first time I opened my eyes, rather than allow myself to sleep. If I do that, and I end up getting up too late, I’ll have trouble getting to sleep at a reasonable hour Sunday night. Then I’m garbage at work. So with only a few hours sleep, I started Sunday with little sleep.

Writing is what did me in for Saturday night. I was tortured over a major decision I have to make about the end of this book I’m writing. Before I can begin the editing process I need to complete the first draft. (Technically, not true; I could begin the editing process and rewrites and come back to the ending later, if I chose. I’m just too linear a thinker/writer to do that. ORDER, heathens, ORDER!)

This major crossroads decision has to be made for me to write the ending, so I can’t go forward until I make the decision. At first I thought I could solve the problem by writing both endings and seeing which turned out better. But that’s a lot, and I mean a lot, of additional work to do. So I skipped writing Friday night in lieu of taking my mind off the issue, to see if the subconscious mind can come up with a solution to the dilemma.

But it’s not a problem to solve, it’s just a decision i have to make, and my gut wasn’t any closer to making it Saturday than it was Friday night. So I pecked at writing Saturday but was exhausted from some running around we had to do, so by the time I got time to sit and bang the keys, I didn’t have the energy. (Anyone else have that time/energy out-of-sync thing?)

Well, Sunday I couldn’t let myself off the hook anymore. I banged out a couple of scenes, and each one went a different direction, but when my Wonderful First Reader saw them, she liked elements of both. Which is when it hit me — if I combine the two scenes, the decision is stalled a bit, and I have a strong scene overall, so boom. Done.

Now, I have to still make that major decision, but with the major decision still looming, I have to work to get the story going in the direction (and setting) where I envisioned the ending, and I have to hurry up about it. The last thing I want is a draggy ending.

Anyway, aside from sleep deprivation, everything else was great. We didn’t get much done, but we did get out of the house, and we hung out which is always a blessing for me. I intend to continue pecking at this thing until it’s done but I missed a great window to finish it this past weekend. By next weekend, I suspect I’ll be moving to rewrites.

I suppose I’ll do some minor edits — clean-up and such — before calling for beta readers, but I’m close to needing more eyes now.

OH, and my diet is working. Really, really well. I’ve not lost six sizes or anything, but the method we’re using now is working as it should, and we ought to start seeing the effects soon. I have a lot — A LOT — of weight to lose, so “seeing the effects” could be more something I notice than anyone else, but hey! We have to start somewhere, right?

So, how was your weekend?

EDIT: For those wondering, we think we have our bank situation cleared up, but I can’t find out until I call my bank later this morning. Just FYI, in case I left ya hangin’ on Friday.


6 thoughts on “Weary Weekend

  1. Wow! Crazy weekend. And yes, I sometimes have that time but no energy thing. No fun. Glad your diet is working, too! Sounds great!

    It IS great! We’re only hungry when we really need to eat, we’re full and satisfied with less food, and the plan is working perfectly! Delicious and effective? What’s better diet-wise?

    We took it easy this weekend which was fine. Got to hang outside, rode bikes with my daughter. My husband rested so he can start his new job tomorrow. He’ll be working on the web team at Sea World, so that’s pretty exciting. It’s a temporary contract for now, but fingers crossed it’ll be permanent soon!

    Yes, good luck! I know how lousy contracting can be. The hit-or-miss of it can be nerve-wracking sometimes.

    Have a great week!

    You too, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. My weekend involved having a brisket sandwich at my friendly neighbourhood barbecue joint. The pulled pork is better.

    Live and learn. But brisket’s awesome too, when done correctly. I like TGIF’s brisket with JD bbq sauce. MMMMM.

  3. What i did this weekend:
    – Hosted a funeral reception
    – Hosted “Games Night”
    – Saw houses
    – Didn’t get to see some houses we really wanted to see (and maybe buy)
    – Felt sick sunday night
    – Didn’t get to go to BBQ place.

    Now, THAT’S busy. Funeral reception? Wow. That’s heavy, and then followed that with game night? You da man!

  4. I’m not happy you’re tired, but I am happy you got some writing done. My weekend was spent being sick and doing history homework.

    Bummer weekend! But don’t worry, you’ll get better very soon, I’m very confident. Hope the writing on your end won’t have to take a five-year hiatus while you’re in school, though.

  5. YAY! Happy to hear it’s working, and you’re seeing results! ๐Ÿ™‚ Apparently, it takes four weeks for you to see the results, and about eight for friends and family to see them. So I hear.

    My weekend? Matt turned 30… and we celebrated. Hardcore. I made this MASSIVE birthday card with 100+ messages from all of his friends, and former coworkers, and guys he played Medal of Honour with back in the day online, and the guys he plays NHL with on PS3… he was quite surprised! And we went bowling, and ordered Chinese, and drank our faces off. Then the next day, he and our buddies who came to visit attempted a burger challenge called The Rumpshaker – a six pound burger, with mozza sticks, onion rings, fries, pepperoni, and chicken tenders. They all failed, lol. They tried to eat too quickly, they had an hour… and were slightly hungover. I think I could have done it, I’m a picker when I eat. And Cain had his first sleep over without us with his Grammie and Grampie, and you’d never know we weren’t there. He was fine as kind.

    Sounds like that was a whopper! Glad it all turned out okay!

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