Friday Freak-Out

Time for me to freak out again, ’cause it’s Friday and I’m not done with something I was supposed to be done with about a month ago.

And, of course, that’s led to a tremendous amount of stress to my life, which I really don’t need. I take to crises like a duck to water anyway. The last thing I need is for some legitimate stress to come onto the scene and make me miserable.

I’m doing a lot of work now, but it’s likely too little too late because I’ve got to have this ready post-haste. So guess how my Friday — and possibly my weekend too — will be spent?

If I don’t have a working weekend, then I’ll be writing. I’m still trying to get time and energy and back pain minimization all to converge so I can write. So far this week, I’ve only had a tiny bit of luck on that front. Maybe sleeping in tomorrow and hitting it right away will help me get through with the manuscript. If my back hurts, I’m seriously going to try moving my laptop somewhere else and dig up an extension cord. I honest-to-God sometimes believe I’m an idiot with how I treat my MOBILE COMPUTER like it’s a desktop and can’t be moved. DUH.

Anyway, no other plans for me. How ’bout all of you?


7 thoughts on “Friday Freak-Out

  1. You need a recliner. Remember my stinky chair I used to write in? Well I got that recliner because I’d injured my back and it hurt too much to sit upright. Sitting in the recliner didn’t cure it right away, but it REALLY helped with the pain, and I recovered much faster.

    Yeah, matter of fact, I do remember that, Sher. Problem is, my orthopedic doc told me to stay away from easy chairs, recliners, etc. 😦 He says for what I have (that spondi thing), they make matters worse. Even so, he wanted me to do an MRI (yikes! $$$!) and physical therapy, and frankly, I’ve not done either of them. Not to mention the couch is the only place I can seem to get completely comfortable while sitting. So if I ever get that $800/1200 laying around, you can be we’ll be ditching our old couch for some La-Z-Boys! πŸ˜€

    • The aspect of the recliner that helped with my problem (admittedly different from yours) was the ability to not be on my tailbone for many hours at a time. Whatever I’d hurt was around the hip area, so sitting in a computer chair or even on the couch compressed it, I think.

      Fal really liked her recliner too, when we had ’em. But even though the doc says stay away from them, the only place I can get comfortable for a long stretch is the couch. Go figger.

      Anyway, hope you find some relief soon. πŸ™‚

      Thanks, me too. πŸ™‚

  2. Last night I wrapped up my work in progress. It’s 108,000 words of relatively polished completion. Intended to sleep in today in celebration, but the weather decided I’d rather throw my back out shoveling snow. Hoowah!

    Oh, and I got back pain too, so you’re one up on me! I gotta wrap up the WIP here pronto. Mine’s nowhere NEAR 108K either, so I have no excuse! Here’s hoping your back is better soon. (Thank goodness no snow here…yet!)

  3. I understand not being finished something that you should have completed a month ago. That is how I feel about buying a house. I should have bought one by now.

    Well, I don’t know what your deadline is, but that can be hectic if you’ve already sold your house and need to find someplace new pronto. Good luck!

  4. Well, a the moment, I’m using my LAPtop on my LAP… πŸ˜‰

    Wow, imagine that! What a novel idea!

    Plans for the weekend? I’m leaving the house pretty soon to go for a massage, so that’s awesome. I’m also meeting a friend for breakfast tomorrow – one of my favourite people who I’ve been buddies with since we were both in high school, more than 20 years ago. (Oh wow I’m so old…;-)

    Ha, easy there youngster. I can still remember when there was no such thing as cassette tapes and albums were on pressed vinyl. πŸ˜‰

    Good luck with all that jazz!

    Thanks! Hope the massage was awesome and the weekend was too!

    • My first album was on vinyl. Hall & Oates Best Of, 1984. I was 12. That big four-oh is coming up pretty soon!

      Ah, those were the days! Mullets of Doom! Shoulder pads to make linebackers envy! And hair to rival the structures of Giza and Rome! I’ve long since waved a fond farewell to 40, but every decade has something to look forward to, right? Right?

  5. I never used my lap top properly… I set it up, like a desk top, lol

    I know! What is UP with that? LOL!

    Good luck with your weekend freak out, hopefully it is dealt with quickly, efficiently, and with little stress.

    Things are looking up now. πŸ™‚

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