Migraine Monday

I woke up to a migraine last night at about 11PM. I went to bed again about 4:30AM this morning and slept until about 9:30AM. I’m exhausted, and that’s a horrible understatement. I need to at least TRY to get some work done from home, but I’m not even able to see straight right now. I’m loopy and can’t concentrate. I didn’t use as many meds to kill the headache as I normally do – I’ve been trying to amp down on that for a while now – but it took a lot longer as a result.

I don’t feel much like doing anything right now but going back to bed. Couple this with the stupid time change, which I hate with all my burning heart, and this is a disaster. Mondays are the busiest day of the week for me and I can’t stand missing them, and always feel guilty when I do. Today is no exception, so along with the loopy, goofy post-migraine feeling, I have guilt. Nice.

Hope all of you had better and more productive weekends than I did.


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2 thoughts on “Migraine Monday

  1. Boo hiss! I feel you on the time change though. It’s only one stupid hour, but damn doesn’t it throw stuff off!! Sheesh!

    Oh my God yes. I’m almost certain that’s what happened to me. Why can’t they do this sh!t on FRIDAY night instead of SATURDAY night? Give us another day to acclimate for godsakes!

    Hope your day gets better from here.

    Thanks. I don’t think so. 😦

  2. Oh, stupid migraines. Stupid daylight savings time. Hate ’em both. Good vibes, coming your way. Don’t duck.

    Thank you dear. I won’t duck, but am a teeeeeeeensy bit nervous my boss is going to be very, very tired of my migraines. God knows I am.

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