Finally Friday

Even though I’ve had a short week — on account of Migraine Monday — it still took a long, long time to get to Finally Friday. But here it is.

I’ve got a big project on my plate which feels a LOT like it has to be done by Monday. I hope I can get it off the ground okay. A bit of code, but this particular set of code and I have met before. Done battle. I’ve emerged but can’t always say it was victorious. Today will tell the tale, I suppose.

So here I am, fingers at the ready. I intend to write this weekend because I’ve not done that at all this week. At all. No excuses, I’m just tired and dragged out, so I’ve spent a lot of time holding the couch down. But that’s over. I have to get some work done. I might try multitasking this weekend and hold the couch down WHILE I’m writing. Ho-ho, tricky me. Look out world.

For those of Irish bent, Happy St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow. Have yourself a green beer, or green eggs and ham, or something lame like that. I’d settle for brisket and cabbage, hold the cabbage, but I reckon we’ll just hang some decorations. My wife, awesome as she is about honoring holidays, hasn’t celebrated SPD in a while to my recall, but maybe she’s planned something this time around.

How about you? How’s it going? What’s going on? Plans for the weekend?



3 thoughts on “Finally Friday

  1. Ah, St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago… Do they still dye the river green for the day? Did they ever do that? In the movie The Fugitive (if you haven’t seen it, SEE IT!), the city dyed the river green for St. Patrick’s Day. One US marshall remarked to another “If they can dye the river green for one day, why can’t they dye it blue the rest of the year?”

    I’ve wondered that myself. The river seriously doesn’t NEED to be dyed green — it’s already green. Get it to look like a normal river; THAT would be some trick.

    Now I want to see The Fugitive again. I liked that movie. It’ll probably be on AMC this weekend seeing as how it’s on AMC every other weekend anyway but if not, I do have it on DVD. Man, that was an awesome movie. Harrison Ford is amazing in that movie and yet, he’s matched by an amazing Tommy Lee Jones. It ain’t easy to show up Harrison Ford, but Tommy was outstanding.
    Wow. Went off topic a wee bit there.

    ‘Salright. I loved it too. Not a big fan of TLJ, but he was awesome in that one.

    What am I doing this weekend you ask. Probably working a bit on Saturday followed by fun and relaxation. I hope.

    That’s always my plan.

    I know I won’t be hitting the bars. I haven’t done the bar thing on St. Patrick’s Day in a little while. Even when I did, it never made much sense to me. I’ve never been one for the “getting drunk on a specific day” thing. I don’t need no calendar to tell me to drink. I drink when I wanna drink.

    Yeah, why let the calendar dictate when you can have fun? Go for it when you can, I say. And that’s what I did, back when I used to drink.

    • I believe I just read that it was first dyed in 1962, and they’ve been doing it every year since.

      If you can, find a pic of it on Google or something – it’s actually kind of cool looking. πŸ™‚

  2. I ate a green salad. Does that count?

    Yep. Everything counts for something, right? πŸ™‚

    I’m having a nice quiet weekend. I met a friend for breakfast, but that was my only plan for today, and my tea date for Sunday cancelled. I’m only partially disappointed. I love having whole days with nothing scheduled.

    That can be nice. We try to live like that while we still can. πŸ˜‰

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