Gettin’ There!

Well, I did some writing over the weekend! WOO!

Okay, so I didn’t exactly break the word count bank, but I still broke inertia, and that’s just as valuable. To me. (Most of you probably couldn’t care less about this.)

So, I went and got close to the finish. I know, I know – I’ve been close to the finish forever. But still, it’s really close now. I’m so close, I just left a cliffhanger and even my wife thought it was cruel. The action has ramped up, the tension is mounted as high as I can get it, and it’s time to bring it on home. Then it’s off to the editing phase, I reckon. Or maybe I’ll take a few weeks off and do some outlining for other stories. I haven’t decided yet.

One thing I can tell you for sure is, I probably won’t start just one story anymore. I think part of the problem is I stopped having fun, and rather than sit in doldrums on something, I’ll have a couple of others going. I can switch when I get bored or stuck and work on something else. And the stories I have in mind are all so different, I can’t possibly get bored. At least, I don’t think so.

We also went out and got a grill and a patio set. I grilled some steaks on Saturday night and sat there with the familial unit while they cooked. Good times…good times.

Other than that, nothing special going on here. How’s it by you? Have a good weekend?



4 thoughts on “Gettin’ There!

  1. It matters not how many words you write. Quality over quantity.

    Thanks for that reminder, WIGSF. Excellent tip, young man. I really appreciate that.

    • It’s writing. Quality matters. It’s not sex. Or donuts.

      True enough. Though I beg to differ on the sex. Quality certainly can make up for quantity there.

  2. Relaxing weekend here. Spent time with family and friends. I need to buy a bbq. Picked out a patio set this weekend!

    Yeah, you need a grill, dude! Getting stuff for the house is fun!

  3. Grill? Patio set? It has been unusually warm here the last few weeks, but a grill & patio set are months away.

    We’ve had weather in the 70s and touched the 80s this past week. More of the same. Believe you me, it’s no picnic — WAY too early for that crap.

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