I Duditz!

Yes, I finally finished it! I’ve finished the WIP at long, long last!

It took me almost seven months to do it. There were a lot of setbacks along the way. My back pain, things on fire at work, things here which got in the way…but my loving spouse and I stuck with it, and my First Reader LOVED the ending. She actually says it’s perfect. I’m very proud of being able to report that. She’s an avid reader and this isn’t her kind of book. She read – and enjoyed – every word.

Now, the painful process of re-writing what’s broken to fix it begins. I have to address the wonderful edits my readers suggested in the first five chapters, and of course I’ll have to redo chapter six entirely methinks. A bit of relaxation for a week or two and then the process of re-reading it from start to finish begins. Finally, a call to beta readers. That’s a few weeks away yet, I think.

So, that’s what I did over the weekend, and even got to start the plotting and planning for a couple of more books. I hope to have them finished faster than this, but that’s going to mean more careful outlining too. And I’m achin’ to try my new method out too, so we’ll see how that goes.

How was your weekend?



7 thoughts on “I Duditz!

  1. That’s amazing! Nice work, dude! 😀

    Thanks, Spark. 🙂 I’m glad to have finished. Now a small break before editing.

    I also did something I was proud of this weekend. I drove in traffic on a busy street (2 lanes in each direction) for around 30 minutes, round trip. It was sink or swim, so I swam. ( I still need help from Ken with lane changes, but at least we didn’t crash.)

    I love the progress you’re making! Keep at it! You’ll be MASTER of the roads in NO TIME! 😀

  2. Unrelated note: Aren’t you about ready to move over your website?

    Unrelated answer: No, we’re not ready yet. We’ve lost a bunch of steam on that and I have to recover financially from a few heavy expenditures I didn’t see coming back when I started this process. But it will happen, eventually. 😦 I hope.

  3. It’s done? Yay! I wondered how (if) it was going, since I hadn’t seen any more chapters. If you would like me to beta-read I would love to. If you already have all you need, that’s cool, too. 🙂 Don’t you LOVE that sense of accomplishment?

    I do love the sense of accomplishment, thanks! And YES, you’re welcome to be a beta reader — the more the merrier!

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