Dinner “Conversation”

Me: What’s this?

Her: Your dinner.

Me: Since when did donkey phallus make it to the menu?

Her: It’s Polish sausage, thank you very much. And you’re welcome for my heating it up.

Me: How come I get such a small donkey schlong?

(10 year-old son giggles hysterically here.)

Daughter (6 y/o): No, Daddy, you mean Donkey Kong.

(Son explodes in laughter.)

Me: So how come you get a bigger schlong than me?

Her: Because I’m better looking?

Me: What?

(Son’s on the floor, turning red.)

Daughter: Kong, Daddy! (giggles at Daddy’s silliness)

Me: Oh, I see what you did there. Yeah, you’ve always been one for the big schlong, haven’t you?

Her: No, not really. After all, I marr—

Me: Smart woman doesn’t finish that sentence. Think it over.


4 thoughts on “Dinner “Conversation”

  1. Maybe if you spread some bacon jam on it, the donkey konck would be edible.

    I’ve GOT to get me some o’ that bacon spread. Oh man! Ambrosia!

  2. Good thing your kids are homeschooled or your son would have regaled his class with tales of your schlong.

    And probably not in a good way. I can see the story now: “So, Mommy gave Daddy this schlong for dinner, see, but it wasn’t big enough…”

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