Monday Morning Blues

Oh, today’s going to be a tough one.

Friday I had to scramble to put together a tool for a couple of our customer service reps who take care of a conglomeration of one of our largest customers. All told there around five accounts under the master umbrella of that company. Millions of dollars of business annually. And they’ve changed how we’re measured by their metrics, so we have to get things up to speed.

I worked on the project all week. I couldn’t get anything to work for some reason. Then on Friday I decided to do a “quick-‘n’-dirty” solution to get them going. And it took me eight and a half hours to do that.

Today, I have to do the usual reporting AND get the more permanent solution going. But I have to train the two CSRs on the use of the interim tool first. OH, and my boss is out for the first three days this week, back on Thursday. NEXT Monday I have to have the new metrics for this customer in play on our reporting system, which they see.

I spent all weekend fighting migraines, too. Gosh, I sure love this time of year. The weather changes play hell with my sinusitis and that means I spend a lot of time taking pills to combat my headaches and keep them from reaching threshold, and groaning aloud and praying for death. Drinking coffee and complaining I have down pat, though, so you can breathe a little easier there.

I was supposed to grill some awesome ribeye steaks my loving wife got for us, but MAN the weather didn’t cooperate.

No writing, or editing. None. I just didn’t have it in me after jousting with migraines.

How was your weekend?



2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. The wind has been howling here for weeks. It makes my head throb and my eyes feel the size of grapefruits. Otherwise, things are peachy.

    Well, I’m glad to hear that. Sorta. I mean, without the throbbing grapefruit eyes, of course. 🙂

  2. Aw man! That sounds rotten. Courage, my friend! I pray that things look up for you soon. At least those dang headaches could give you a break.

    Thank you dear. I could use a major epiphany at work, too, so while you’re praying, if you could bring that up with Him, I’d sure appreciate it. And thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

    My weekend was good. Well-paced, I’d say. Not too much excitement, but not boring either. It’s a fine balance to maintain.

    That IS a tough balance to maintain, and I’m glad you’re succeeding, and things aren’t taking you down anymore. That’s an answer to MY prayers for YOU. 🙂

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