bobross_0Bob Ross was a wonderful painter and teacher. He was from the deep south, and had a heavy dialect to his speech. One of the peculiarities of it was how he mashed “like that” together into a single word which rolled from his mouth when demonstrating a particular method or technique: “LygAT.”

So today, I found myself being a code monkey for something I thought I’d put behind me already. Of course, last night as I drifted to sleep, I remembered something I had yet to do to it today. Which, of course, I couldn’t recall upon waking.

When I got to work, though, I opened the code and sifted through it, looking for something, anything, to trigger the memory. As I piddled and padded with the lines, adding enhancements here and there, I found myself muttering “Yeah…LygAT.” Over and over. Then I’d test the code and it would work, and I’d grin and go onto the next thing. Or it would fail and I’d sound much more like South Park’s Eric Cartman than Bob Ross. “This code’s hella dumb! This project’s hella dull! Sonuvab!tch!”

Then the troubleshooting process, in a raw panic, would begin, and I’d find the solution not where I expected to – on the Internet – but in the last place I’d think to look.

In me.

Well, I can’t remember still what I wanted to do to the program, but it’s working and the users have their link and my boss has his update. There are lots more projects where this came from in the near future, and some of them are really, really difficult, it looks like. But I guess I’ll just muddle along and peck and check, like I did today, until it works. Or I get fired, whichever.

“Yeah. LyGAT.”

If I don’t talk to you, have a great weekend.



2 thoughts on “Yeah…LygAT

  1. Progress! That’s great. Keep on truckin’, as they say.

    Thanks, Spark, doin’ my best. ‘Course now, there’s other issues I have to work through, but I can only do so much at a time. Thanks again!

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