It Began…

Oh yes.

Sunday night, my beloved and I began outlining a story which will become my next novel. I’m very excited about it for a few different reasons.

First, I like writing books. Have you heard?

Second, though, it’s a true collaborative effort between my loving spouse and me. It’s fantastic. I just started reading her my outline, going over it, and she told me it was “compelling” as a story. That’s probably the highest compliment she’s paid me about my writing in some time. But even so, I hit a snag, and she offered to help me get through it.

Boy, howdy. Let me tell you, she had me back up and start again with a bit of a twist on the story the whole way through. She had suggestions which made the whole thing stronger, more cohesive, and just plain better. When she was finished and I’d gotten down what she told me, my basic idea was a solid foundation for a book, up to the halfway point.

Now I have to try and capture that lightning in a bottle a second time and get more down before hitting “Publish” on this one and getting to bed. But I’m sure I can work through at least the second pinch point, and that’s a major plus. And we’re using a new story map to get there, which seems like a more granular, and in some ways clearer, path to follow. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in love with my three-part story structure, but the way this story map lays them out makes it a bit easier to leap from point to point – there aren’t as many long jumps between them, and I think that helps guide the story along.

So stay tuned. I’ll get to the editing of the WIP soon enough, but I this is going to be ready to go in short order, and I can’t wait to see how it shakes out.


One thought on “It Began…

  1. That’s exciting! The hardest part is getting started, but once you do, you’ll be on a roll.

    Thank you Spark! Yes, it is the hardest thing — breaking inertia — but I’m sure it won’t be as bad as I think it will once I get rolling. I’m torn between editing this one and getting down the road on the new one, so I have to balance the precious little time I have. 🙂

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