Busy, Busy!

Well, I’ve been a busy li’l bee.

For one thing, I’ve finished the rough outline for my next book. It went together so well, with my wife’s input to help make it stronger. I’m very excited about that one. I have to dig through some notebooks (you know – the kind with paper in them, where you need to write with your hand?) to find the roughs I have for at least one more story I’ve worked on. I don’t know if that one’s finished or not, but I’m a big fan of outlining. Now the decision is whether to do a detailed outline or just go with what I have and outline more heavily as I go.

I’ve got an idea – with an opening written – for another Ghost Hunters (my book, not the TV show) sequel, too. So the ideas are flowing. Now…if I could just find enough time to write them all. *Sigh*

At work, meanwhile, I’m learning computer programming on the fly and trying to keep up with the projects on my noose project list. I’ve missed one deadline already, but I’m gaining ground on it now. I have a couple of more steps to get through, then on to a macro I have to figure out around mid-May (prob’ly the 18th or so). Then I have a few reports to update and gosh, I guess I’ll be busy at work for the next couple of months. I have projects into June.

Yay. Go me.

But I love my job. I tell you, I’ve learned more about computer programming in the last 16 months than I did the 10 years prior. I just wish I felt competent while doing it.

How’s about you? What’s on your agenda for the weekend?


2 thoughts on “Busy, Busy!

  1. There’s a big Cinco de Mayo party and dance at the bar tomorrow night. I will be home watching TV.

    It’s not a favorite “holiday” of mine either. I did the same as you. Well…I did some editing too.

  2. You love your job? Honestly, I never would have guessed, but that’s fantastic! Keep up that learning curve and you’ll feel confident pretty soon.

    Oh, yes, I do like my job, and thank you for that bit of encouragement, too! But…I have to confess, I’m a little surprised, Spark. Just like you, not everything I say on my blog is all there is to say about a topic. I do like my job, but I hate the pressure I’m under right now to perform. I didn’t feel it before, but I wasn’t meeting expectations. Now I have them clearly delineated and while I appreciate the clarity, it’s also highlighting my weaknesses and shortcomings. And would YOU like that? I know I don’t. But yes — I do like my job. I guess I should make a point to say so more often.

    My zaidy’s unveiling was today and it went well. The weather was perfect; the cemetery was carpeted with thousands of brilliant dandelions; and the ceremony was attended, in addition to us humans, by a choir of singing songbirds and a gang of cheerfully drunken butterflies. When we had said the last prayer, one of the butterflies landed on my arm. It was difficult to feel more than a little sad.

    I’m glad it went well for you. Always better when the Lord blesses us on days which could be trying. 🙂 Hope the rest of your weekend was equally wonderful.

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