Gaining Ground

So, my buddy Sparkling Red showed me how mostly I gripe, and seldom talk about how I enjoy my job. Yesterday was a prime example of loving what I do.

My boss and I worked closely together. He’s very sharp, and has a great mind for intangible logic. Things like how one date subtracted from another will affect deliveries if we make certain assumptions regarding transit times and weekends. He can, in a matter of minutes, put together a series of logical “IF” statements on paper which are over my head despite how often I look at them. I’m trying to wrestle them down, but the fact is, he’s just better at that than I am.

Where I come into my own, however, is when he says these things and I write them down, then transcribe what he says into code. I can do that — like any other code monkey can — but when the problems crop up, I’m able to find them faster than I could before and get them resolved. Not only do I recognize the problems, but I know how to fix them. So after a couple of leave-after-6PM days, yesterday I left at 5PM for once, and felt great. I got home and finished the better part of a chapter in our current WIP, and after tonight I’ll be ready to tackle the only portion of the book I felt needs to be re-written: The Dreaded Chapter Six.

So I’m jacked and looking forward to today, and to moving on to another project after that one monopolized the early part of my week. I’m behind on a few of these things but I can gain some ground now, hopefully, and finish up the pressing ones. The remainders aren’t so urgent (but some of them are a bit intimidating, in terms of my skill level).

So, that’s why I missed the post yesterday. I just didn’t have enough in the tank after two really long days to put something together on that time budget. Hope you all had a great day — I sure did — and I’ll see you again tomorrow.


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