Week in Review

My week in review? I don’t want to go back over this week. I had some ups, some downs, but mostly it felt like a failure.

I didn’t get anything crossed off my project list. Nothing. I worked my tail off to get one of the hard things finished, which I did, with my boss’s help, but then I didn’t do it correctly so it had to be partially redone. Now it’s…uncertain as to whether I can automate the process for him. Which sucks. BIG Time. So I have to find a way to do that, post-haste.

Then, the other really hard things I needed to get done didn’t, because that first one took so danged long. I don’t know what I can do to catch up either. I have six open projects now and I’m late on all of them. I’m doing the best I can but they knew I wasn’t a brilliant programmer when they hired me, so the sudden need for me to be a guru with code is sort of confusing me. And worrying me.

Meanwhile, I’m off to see a doctor Friday, which, if God is willing, will take care of some of the problems I have with my eyes. Now, if it were only so easy to care for my weight problem.

I also hope – HOPE! – to return to my WIP and get that elusive sixth chapter either outlined in detail or rewritten, depending on what is happening with me mentally. But then, I hoped to be a millionaire by this stage of my life too. Life’s about not knowing WTF is coming around the bend, right?

Have a great weekend. See you on the other side.



2 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. Yup, life is full of surprises. Good ones and bad alike. I hope you get some good ones next.

    Well, thank you dear. I do too. And I hope some very cool things are happening for you in the near future, too. 🙂

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