Weekend in Review

Friday, I got new contacts, if that matters to anyone but me. I wore ‘em as much as my bleeding eyeballs would tolerate. They do wonders on the vision correction side, which is pretty great, but they do funny things on my eyes – move around a bit, and seem to come off the eye a touch now and again. I don’t know if that’s normal or not, but I have an appointment again in two weeks and I’ll be sure to tell the optician I’m seeing about what I’m experiencing. Of course, I’m not interested in waiting another two weeks and going through the fun of a refit, but I’d like to have everything right. So I have to call today to see what’s up, what’s normal, what needs correcting…etc.

I managed to get Chapter Six of the WIP re-written, and will only take a quick peek to make sure it’s clean enough without much editing to go into the permanent file. I’m very excited about that, and was able to use a lot of what I’d already written. What I needed to rewrite wasn’t all that hard to do. I did it all over the weekend, most of that on Sunday.

Still, I’m having the worst time getting started on this thing and keeping it going. I don’t know why. I have no clue why. I have a lot of work left to do. I have to get this thing out to a few brave souls to read. I have to make some sort of cover to attract attention. I have to format it for e-publishing. And I have taken almost a year to get this far with it all. I hate that. I don’t want to be that slow.

I don’t like pressure at work, and right now I have a lot of it. I have six open projects and I’m late on all of them, and that stinks. Nevertheless, I’m learning a TON about this stuff, and I’ve even contemplated moving things to a new technology…like there’s time for that. Still, I’d rather not spend so much time learning to do something so I can implement it RIGHTNOW in this job. I’d like to get ahead of the bus before I get shoved under it, y’know? Ah, well.

I think most everything else is all right. I need to get this stuff with the contacts finalized, but that’s for another day, I suppose. And I’ll finish that book pretty soon. But, for now, I’m going to enjoy having relaxing time and marathon TV show weekends.

Oh, Congratulations to my buddy Onyx Nightengale, aka Courtney, and her husband Matthew. Wedding Day was Saturday, and we here wish them all joy and happiness in their union. We can’t wait for pictures, but that will probably have to wait until after the honeymoon. 🙂

What did you all do this weekend? Anything fun so I can live vicariously?


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