Friday’s Furrowed Brow

I’m still struggling with my work projects. Typical, I guess. I make what I think is real progress and then have a huge set-back. Or the progress I made seems to break something else. I guess it’s too much to ask to be completely confident and competent at this. I’m only just learning, after all, with less than a year of real-life experience doing this full-time under my belt. Now that my feet are being held to the fire, I can only get better at this.

I’m of two minds on it. On one hand, the technology is fairly straight-forward and easy to use. On the other hand, it’s old technology and I might be better off using more modern stuff. At least, more modern than what’s in place now.

Problem is, I don’t know how to update the stuff on the web page completely. And the thought of that undertaking is overwhelming. Best off if I just keep applying patches to it, but honestly, I’d rather just start from scratch and see where it leads me. Being as slow as I am, though, I’d never get the updates completed. Plus, that would mean budgeting and the work of upgrading and testing all my process (which are myriad, and nightly), and all of that gives me a headache, even though it’s my responsibility.

So instead of thinking about work all the time, I go home and write. And I made some real progress this week. I discovered it takes me about three evenings during the work week to do a 5,000 word chapter (4,884). But I can mostly do a chapter a night, if I’m diligent and the writing’s not awful. For the most part it’s pretty clean, and I already know I don’t have to look for plot or story problems because I outlined it first. I do have to watch for inconsistencies in stuff like times, dates, who knows what when, that sort of thing.

Coming along, coming along. Should be a book here in the next couple of months, barring something tragic. And with Windows Live Mesh now automatically backing up my stories to a folder on SkyDrive, I’m good to go. So be prepared! I’ll be calling for beta readers soon!

Other than those two niggling things, I’m ready to relax and enjoy my weekend. How ‘bout you?



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