Good News, and GREAT News

The good news:

As you all know, on Tuesday I was out of work because of car issues. Yay.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I had awesome work days. I got in, dug down deep, and with the Lord’s guidance and help, I solved a problem I couldn’t solve for more than a week of trying. Wednesday, I tackled a problem plaguing our Customer Service Supervisor for almost a year. She asked me to address it last July, and try as I might, I couldn’t solve it.

I had to do the work on Wednesday I couldn’t get to on Tuesday, then I had time to work on the programming stuff because my boss is awesome and called off one of the things I normally have to do. Instead, I looked at my infamous project list (remember that? fondly nicknamed “the noose”?), and because he’d asked me to try and have the matter with this problem resolved by the end of the month so our customer service team can use it for their personal performance plans (PPPs), I knuckled down and walked through the page.

I can tell you, it was frustrating, and there were even nights (prior to Wednesday, of course) when I woke up dreaming about that page and the problem I was facing. Daunting? Yeah, for me it was. But as I started to attack the problem the way I thought I should, it occurred to me there might be another way. On a lark, I tried it, and sure enough, through divine inspiration I located the issue. With a little more prayer and guidance from Him, I found the issue and fixed it, all the span of about four hours. After spending WEEKS on it previously. Maybe MONTHS if I tallied it all.

Thursday, I had to address another matter which should have been easy. And it was, overall. So I closed that problem AND found another issue which needed to be addressed, left by my predecessor. So I fixed that one too. A two-fer. Yippee, go me.

So, today I come into work and found out the thing I worked on yesterday didn’t work like it should have. I don’t know why, and won’t know if it does or doesn’t until next week when it will run again. *Sigh* Diagnosing the problem with that will be even more challenging than debugging the problem pages because it’s an Excel macro and just because I can walk through it manually doesn’t mean it will automatically run correctly.

Still, I know what changes I made, so I’m optimistic I can fix it. I think.

The great news

I found out yesterday (Thursday) that I should have been eligible for profit sharing effective January 1 of this year. Since I’m eligible, and didn’t under-achieve on my performance evaluation, I’m getting my pay-out for my full eligibility period. I’m getting half a year of profit sharing in one fell swoop! W00T!

That won’t happen until either late July or early August, but still, it’s very exciting! And that’s already been earmarked for a new car. I mean, I’ve missed more work because of the car than I have because of illness. What does that tell you? Time to remove that as an obstacle to my success. Or at least to keeping my job.

So, when we needed a little financial boost to get a new car, we receive it. Thank you Lord! And thanks to my employer for making the pay-out retroactive! Wee!

The news you don’t care about

I predict a measly week, maybe less, of editing to go! I just finished editing chapter fourteen of twenty and last night I did most of fifteen. I’ll finish that, and if I can edit three full chapters a day (I did it last weekend when I finally worked on it), I can probably even have the book completed (writing-wise) by Monday.

Next will be doing the cover, and then converting to Kindle format. As an experiment, I’m going to put this into the Kindle Select program as an introductory offer, and will throw my other books there too (two short story collections).

I’m thinking about trying, but haven’t decided yet, to try and break those stories into individual offerings to put on Kindle for 99 cents each. Maybe having enough material to appear on a radar will help goose sales a bit. I might do a blog tour too, if I can get anyone to go along with that. We’ll see. I’m also going to start working on the NEXT book, which hopefully won’t take a year like this one did. I’ve got the outline roughed out and probably can either get more detailed with that or start the actual writing. Again, we’ll see.

So, any plans for your weekend?


5 thoughts on “Good News, and GREAT News

  1. Going to a beach this weekend. Maybe. Playing some softball. Weather needs to get better here.

    I’m loving our cool spell, but summer’s coming. Inexorably. Have a good one!

  2. Today is Doughnut Day. Take some of those earnings and get yourself a doughnut. I recommend maple bacon.

    Maple bacon donut? Why hasn’t anyone told me of this goodness?!

  3. YaY! for the new car! Any ideas on what you’re getting?

    Well, I can say for SURE it won’t be BRAND new. It’ll be new to US, but probably not new. I want to be able to buy it outright. So, likely a minivan or an SUV if it’s not too high on the miles. I’ve also got my eye on Acura MDX’s or, preferably for me, TLs, circa 2006 or so? I don’t really know yet. A lot will depend on how our company does and the FY payout. I’m just happy to have it!

    • Good thinking on buying it outright. Making payments sucks.

      Yep. And being in and out of work as much as I have been over the last ten years, I don’t relish the idea of missing some of those payments either. Things are nice and stable right now but that can change in a heartbeat.

      I’m all about mini vans. I’ve had really good luck with the Caravans…until they hit about 180,000 then the transmission goes out. I’ve heard you can’t keep a transmission in a Ford Windstar, so avoid those. Happy car shopping!

      Thanks! Good advice. It’s going to be a while yet, but in a way, I’m really looking forward to it. It’s hard not to start looking NOW, even though nothing I find would be available in July/Aug. So I’ll have to learn that ridiculous patience thing whether or not I want to. 🙂

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