Finally Finished It!

Well, I’ve finally done it – I finished my WIP!

On Sunday I put off my procrastination (ha!) and got to work on that last, pesky chapter of edits to complete my novel. It’s the first full-length novel I’ll self-epub, and it’s ready to go at long last!

All I have to do now is create a cover for it and then begin the long process of getting it uploaded to the KDP and into the Kindle Select program. It will be exclusively for Kindle for a time, but eventually I’ll make it available for Nook and other formats as well. (The Kindle Select program is a ninety day commitment to exclusivity.) Of course, I really can’t say I’ve gotten much but sample downloading from other venues, but maybe that’s my fault. Somehow. I dunno.

Anyway, it’s done! Complete! And I’m so relieved.

Now, onto the next one…

What’d you do this weekend? Have fun?



One thought on “Finally Finished It!

  1. Congrats on finishing it! I played a lot of softball this weekend.

    Thanks, Bob! I guess softball’s in full bloom about now, so it’s not a surprise you’re busy this time of year!

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