Happy Birthday, Beloved!

We tried the birthday candle thing, but…y’know…

So long ago, in the hazy and dim past, you came into our world. It was warmer then, the water thicker, the air richer with oxygen. And I saw you there, among the fern forests, on a blanket of moss and lichen, with your animal skin clothing and algae-conditioned locks. Oh, how I was smitten at once and for all!

And here we are, so many decades later, the continents having drifted apart now and the oceans cooled. And we still love each other.

In all seriousness, you look as lovely as the day I met you, and you mean more to me now than you ever have before. I pray God bestow upon you all the richest of blessings and those you cannot hold in your ancient, cracked and weathered chalice, may they spill upon me so that we can yet share them.

God bless and all my undying love, eternally.


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