Gaining on it…

Well, I wouldn’t say I have the upper hand yet, but I’m gaining ground on my project at work. It’s the one which has been stumping me for nearly a year. It was first tossed out just as a suggestion but now, it’s onThe List and I have to do it. It’s not been easy.

I’ve been working exclusively on this for weeks. I don’t even know what else I can work on at this point. I have to figure out a solution for this. My personal performance evaluation is in July and Lord help me, I’ve got a mighty epic fail on this front.

I also am supposed to be putting together standard work instructions for…I dunno. I have a template to use, and that’s it. I’m supposed to include a flow chart with each one. I don’t even know what goes in a standard work instruction. Seems to me, each job has its own standard work for various things, so we’d have one for order entry, one for contract review prior to order entry, one for order reception prior to contract review prior to order entry…

Oh well, I’m gaining on this one. I’ve got one of two drop-down list boxes filling the right way based on selections from the others. Choose a name, get a list of customers, choose the customer and get any results in the database for that customer. I still have to filter by date range (easy) and then populate a table (harder). Then I have to make the page cough up a spreadsheet based on the selections made (this is the hard one).

I’m working on THE BLURB for my novel now. You know, THE BLURB, that little promo on the back cover, and in this case the product description, so people want to buy and read the book? Yeah, that THE BLURB. I kinda forgot how hard it is to write a good THE BLURB, and how stressful. It’s got to be good, man. I have two, maybe three paragraphs to hook people. If they don’t like THE BLURB, they won’t buy the book. It will get passed right by and lost in the millions of other eBooks on Amazon. (Like it won’t anyway, right?) So, I’m praying and working hard on THE BLURB.

Yay me. What about you? How’s your week so far?

Don’t worry if you’re having a good one … lots of time left to change that. 😉



One thought on “Gaining on it…

  1. “Don’t worry if you’re having a good one … lots of time left to change that.”

    This is how I feel about most things.

    Ha! Can’t say I blame you. 🙂 Don’t worry, Holls … this, too, shall pass. Good OR bad.

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