The Cover is Finished!

Well, I’m pleased to announce the cover to my newly finished novel is now ready! It turned out really nice, if I do say so myself. I think it will be easy to read, and it holds up even when reduced to a tiny thumbnail, so the web site shouldn’t cause any problems.

Now, all I need are a few hundred thousand downloads.

Honest and truly, I have no idea how to promote this thing. I think this time I’m going to have to go to the Kindle forums and introduce myself, then try and see what happens. I’m also not going to dawdle in getting started on the next on either. I have to have work out there to be found if I want to…well, be found.

So, stay tuned! The night before I hit the publish button, I’ll unveil the new cover here (and then you’ll know what it’s called, because believe it or not, the book’s not titled “WIP”) and on my fiction blog.

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy it, have a good time? It’s way too hot here, but I still had a GREAT day. My kids are so awesome it makes me all weepy.



6 thoughts on “The Cover is Finished!

  1. You’re such a tease!!! “The new cover of my book is ready, but I won’t unveil it yet! Haha!” Lol. Did you make it yourself, or hire someone to do it for you? I myself have a graphic design friend doing my cover, but because I’m not paying him (or maybe I am? he refuses to answer me on pricing), he’s taking his sweet time. When does your book drop?

    Hi, Michelle, thanks for stopping by! I don’t mean to tease, but I don’t want to reveal the cover before it’s on the book, y’know? So I’m going to fix up the manuscript so it’s ready for Kindle, and THEN I’ll reveal the book here. πŸ™‚ Hope that makes sense. My book should be uploaded sometime this week. I have a blurb which my AWESOME wife wrote, I have the cover which I myself designed (be nice!), and then I have a manuscript which I found in the dumpster next to my apartment for which I’ll take full credit. (Just kidding. Really. I wrote it myself.) Now all I need to do is figure out how to get the greater majority of North American citizens to download the book so I can achieve the world domination exposure to readers I so desperately seek.

    How about you? Please, feel free to come and tell us about your books, too. I have a fiction blog on which i would be happy to post a guest blog entry from you if you’d like It has approximately three readers. Brace yourself for the flood of new followers.

  2. I’ll do what I can to help promote it on my blog. I’m very excited about this!

    Thanks, Holls! Watch your email for the .prc file I’ll be sending for your Kindle!

  3. Hey, email me and we can pass some promotion ideas back and forth. I have a big list of things to try as soon as I finish editing my WIP.

    Awesome, sounds great! I’d love get your feedback on the full ms, too, if you’re interested.

  4. Congratulations! Are you feeling like a bride on the night before the wedding?

    Actually I was at a wedding this weekend. I wrote about it on my blog.

    I saw! Sounds like a great big bunch o’ fun! No, I don’t feel like a bride, but I’m very pleased with the results I got. My Photoshop skills leave a lot to be desired, but this is a nice one. πŸ™‚

  5. Congrats! I will look for it. Promotion is the hardest part. A lot of the time you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels.

    Thanks, CV! Nice to see you again! I appreciate the encouragement. I’ve got Bryce to share some ideas with me, so I’ll see what he’s got to say and I’ll check Joe Konrath’s blog for info, too. Good luck — you’re doing pretty well with K&Q, too, right?

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