Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho…

It’s been painfully hot here the last few days. Today is going to be more of the same, to be sure.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the car had an air conditioner, but no such luck I’m afraid. I have only myself to blame. But the day is coming — probably beyond most of the heat, unfortunately — when I will again have a car, and it may in fact have a working air conditioner. The glory!

On the other hand, it could be worse. I could be at the mercy of public “transportation”, which ain’t much to speak of ’round these parts. I suppose I could rent one for the duration of the heat wave, but with my luck, that will last until October.

And I have to confess, during my drive home — in the heat of the afternoon — I’ve been pretty comfortable. I remember being a sweaty, drained mess most hot days, but the Lord in His graciousness has seen fit to give me nice breezes, long shadows, and easy traffic. So I’m doing all right.

Today at work is more research on the same programming problem. I’ve decided to try and bring our little intranet site into the 21st century and write the new page in ASP.NET, rather than classic ASP. New technology, same ol’ dunderhead. I’m in too deep and can’t figure it out. *Sigh*

Well, hope you’ll have a nice day. I’m going to try. I should have a book cover to show you in the next couple of days. I’m shooting to have it published this weekend. It will start out as free for the first five days, so be sure to pick your copy up if you’ve got a Kindle!

God bless, all!


2 thoughts on “Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho…

  1. Oh, it’s hot over here too.

    You know it’s hot when:
    – You see Satan sitting on a muskoka chair ‘neath an elm tree sipping a mint julep and showing absolutely no interest in collecting souls for eternal damnation.
    – Panhandlers are fanning passers-by with fallen branches instead of cleaning windshields.
    – Everybody’s middle finger is sunburnt from excessive flipping off the Sun.
    – Occupy protestors are mulling around quietly inside banks just for the free air conditioning.
    – Hipster doofuses are getting refunds for the upcoming concert by the rock band Hot Hot Heat.
    – Nuns ditch their habits in favour of short-shorts and tank tops.
    – People consider seeing the new Tom Cruise movie, not because it’s any good, but because the theatre is air conditioned.
    – Mosquitos stop biting people because blood is warm and it’s too dang hot for a warm beverage.

    Ha! Good ones!

  2. It is starting to get miserably hot here. I think we are going to have drought conditions this summer.

    Well, the weather finally broke here. It’s less than 80 degrees right now. Hope it gets better for you too.

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