Disturbing Things Done with a Violin

There are certain things which simply shouldn’t be done, musically.

For instance, I’ve been listening to a smooth jazz station on an Internet streaming audio site over the last couple of months. I like the jazz for the most part. It’s usually saxophone-driven, maybe guitar-led, but it’s tempo is nice and it’s not as grating as a lot of lyrical music. I’m very finicky, if you haven’t noticed.

So anyway, one day I was working at my computer and heard a violin playing a familiar melody. I couldn’t place it at first, but it was familiar enough to make me stop and pay attention to the background music, and bring it to the fore. I turned the volume up and listened.

It was a violin playing the melody of Sweet Child of Mine. You know, the late ’80s runaway hit from Guns ‘n Roses.

I giggled the whole way through the song. I couldn’t believe someone so talented with an instrument would want to play that song, never mind record that song AND pay for the rights to do so. Axl Rose is still laughing.

Since then, I’ve heard more things like this. I heard a violin — and, in these instances I feel fully justified in calling it a “fiddle”, frankly — playing something familiar but just outside memory’s scope. I looked at the artist and title, and found theentire album was a string quartet playing AC/DC.

I nearly fell out of my chair. The song I heard was TNT. On a fiddle.

Apparently playing classical arrangements of old rock tunes is hip.

I’m very out of it.


6 thoughts on “Disturbing Things Done with a Violin

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that Muzak?

    Oh no, this would’ve been MUCH too irritating for elevators and bank lobbies. This was downright ANNOYING.

  2. Why not? Who says a song can only be played one way? Some years back there was a whole album of versions of Stairway to Heaven. they ranged from hilarious to brilliant. Mostly they make yo appreciate the genius fo the songwriting.

    Well, Barb, to each their own. It was annoying as the dickens for me, though, but then I don’t much care for Led Zeppelin either, no matter how it’s rendered.

  3. Just yesterday I heard a classical arrangement of a Scott Joplin ragtime piece, and I think he must have been spinning in his grave. They took his fun, bouncy tune and drowned it in syrup. :-p

    UGH. I just heard Welcome to the Jungle on cello yesterday. You really can’t find a more suitable song to your instrument? Really?!

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